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Changes || g.d. by bootlegrayson
Changes || bootlegrayson
"You need to stay away from him." "But I can change him." Copyright @bootlegrayson
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honest [e.d] by perfecttdolan
honest [e.d]by ☾
"I wish people were just more honest with me" "I'll always be honest with you" started:20.01.2018 ended:28.09.2018 {COMPLETED} #1 in #dolantwinsstory...
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[gd] henna by balenciahoe
[gd] hennaby E I N A V
"anyone want a 5$ henna tattoo?" ©balenciahoe [completed]
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ETHAN DOLAN SMUT ;) by ivoryelaine
read at your own risk kitties
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The boy who saved my life   [Grayson Dolan Fan fiction] by BriellaDiamond
The boy who saved my life [ Briella Diamond
Mackenzie moved to a new school. For the millionth time. With a vow to stop cutting. How will she handle it when tragedy strikes? [WARNING!!!! This story might contain t...
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Torn {E.D} by supernatural1099
Torn {E.D}by Whitney
Isabella Rose had been dating Ryder Daniels for about eleven months when she met Ethan Grant Dolan. She loved Ryder and Ryder loved her, but Isabella found Ethan very m...
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A Little Too Not Over You || g.d. by bootlegrayson
A Little Too Not Over You || bootlegrayson
Tell me why I can't seem to face the truth. I'm just a little too not over you. copyright @bootlegrayson
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Alpha Dolan by XhannyO
Alpha Dolanby XhannyO
Dolan Twins imagine story// You just moved to what you thought was just a boring New Jersey town until you met some wolves that changed your life forever..... ʀᴀɴᴋᴇᴅ #1...
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Sky Full of Scars  by FanFicFantasiess
Sky Full of Scars by Hunter Robinson
"We're all scarred. We're all troubled souls." That's what my best friend Ava would say to comfort me every single time I completely lost my mind. She is righ...
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Sinful Cravings - Grethan [boy×boy, twincest] by loadingggggdolan
Sinful Cravings - Grethan [boy× Loading...
This is wrong. This is forbidden. This is sinful. But i can't shake it. I want him. But he'll never want me. He'll never want an incestuous homo like me. |May 27th 2017...
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Stolen By Ethan Dolan by hopeinthemaze
Stolen By Ethan Dolanby Hope💖
"Babygirl who is more important to you?" He whispers in my ear. I take a deep breath and look at him and his brother. "Just pick one sweetheart" She...
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she's broken // g.d.  by softgrandedolan
she's broken // g.d. by ash
alaina johnson and grayson dolan. two people with two completely different lives. what happens when they cross paths at the diner alaina works at?
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ink » g. dolan by everyeilish
ink » g. dolanby katie
In a state where tattoos became banned a few years earlier, people seen with an old tattoo were treated as dirt. But some people were infatuated with the idea of inking...
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obsessive // ethan dolan by ayecalifornia
obsessive // ethan dolanby m
she was kidnapped during a robbery. he fell for his hostage. - [ethan dolan au] in which the twins are criminals
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[ed] summerfling by balenciahoe
[ed] summerflingby E I N A V
"one thing i know for sure is that you're not just a summer fling." ©balenciahoe
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single - e.dolan by stdols
single - e.dolanby ⋆𝘴𝘵𝘥𝘰𝘭𝘴 ⋆
Bri Lucas: age 24, single mom. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #29 in ethan #28 in single
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TALK DIRTY   •GBD• by grayxdolx
TALK DIRTY •GBD•by ʏᴀs☘︎
Graybd just added you. Graybd wants to send you a message.
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heartbeat (e.d.) by logicdols
heartbeat (e.d.)by logicdols
in which a boy and girl learn that they don't know someone's story until they understand the heart behind it.
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Dolan Twins Imagines by jana_nyala
Dolan Twins Imaginesby Dolan Twins Imagines
A collection of Dolan Twins Imagines and Preferences in the making. So far only cute and fluffy stories, no smut or dirty fanfiction. Comments and requests are always w...
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daddy | e.d. by tbhdols
daddy | 𝐥𝐢𝐚 ♛
It all started with the words, "Ethan, you are going to be a father". social media star || book 2 (COMPLETED - 4/20/18)
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