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(Apologies for not including other characters sorting)
After prolong silence,eventually Professor McGonagall broke it"The sorting ceremony has come to end.All of you may exit and have a good sleep."

Hermione looked at Professor Dumbledore and McGonagall with hope in her eyes.But they both replied with apologetic shrug.All exited the great hall except for Hermione, Harry,Ginny, Ron Lavender and surprisingly Draco too.Everyone started to comfort her.

"Don't worry Hermione. I will speak to the minister."Harry spoke.He put his hands on Hermione's shoulder once again.

Ron shouted"yeah Mione.You will not have to marry this pathetic excuse for a human."
Hermione nodded to harry as a thank you and shot a glare at ron.

Draco couldn't refrain himself from rolling his eyes at the public display of affection."Honestly scarhead. Can't you keep your hands to yourself.this is the second time. Don't tell me that you fancy my fiance potter."

Ginny stepped forward"Leave him alone."

Draco smirked"look potter!you've got yourself a defender.wait a minute wesealette.We have had this conversation ,haven't we?yeah....except for the last word.I had used 'girlfriend' before."

Ginny couldn't refrain her smile at the mention of the verbal fight at Flourish and Botts. It reminded her of the time when she used to have crush on harry secretly.

Just then Blaise entered the Great Hall shouting"DRACO MALFOY!you insufferable git...you....um..you ferret!"Luna also came following him.

Draco frowned at this.He couldn't believe that his own best friend had called him ferret.He frowned even more when everyone began to laugh.Even Hermione let out a small chuckle.

"SHUT IT all of you!"he shouted.Everyone stopped.

Draco became serious"listen potter,even if you beg the minister,he wouldn't change the decision. Granger has to marry me."Suddenly his seriousness changed into a smirk"besides, every girl in Hogwarts would be dying to be at your place,granger."

Hermione blushed a bit.He was right.He had become quite handsome and knew every way to impress a girl.Unlike Ron,he was smart.Really every girl would be dying to be at her place.

But what about their rivalry? She was a Gryffindor. He was a Slytherin. She was a muggleborn. He was a prejudicial pureblood.She was best friend to the boy he had always hated and envied and he was...well he was just Draco Malfoy,the ferret git.

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