meeting parents

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Filch burst into the room with Mrs.Norris and yelled with his pesky voice,"Were all your ears filled with dust when Professor told all the students to go back to their dorm?What are you all doing here?waiting for Christmas? Off you go now."

Annoyed by Filch and his precious cat,they started to walk out.Draco thought of a plan to annoy the little lions.He suddenly held Hermione's hand without a qualm."So Granger,I was thinking of taking you to my place."

Hermione raised her eyebrow and took out her hand from his."Why?"

"Don't have any negative thoughts, Granger.I was planning to introduce you to my parents."

"If you have forgotten ,I would like to remind you that I've already met your parents. Might I add,it was not at all pleasant though."

Everyone's face began to fill with anger remembering the moment that had taken place at the Malfoy Manor.Even Draco became a bit serious after the mention of the hideous memory.All thanks to the noseless,baldy voldy and his lunatic aunt.

"It will be nothing like last time."Draco assured.

"You have to visit my parents too."Hermione added.

Draco's face began to whiten. He had tried to piss off her but now he was in trouble.He wouldn't go to the Muggle world.

Hermione smirked by seeing Draco's reaction.

Seeing Hermione smirk,Draco understood her plan to annoy him,so he played along and said with a bigger smirk"Of course Granger,dear."

Thinking that he was just trying to make her and her friends angry she smiled"Very well then.Good night,ferret."

Draco faked a smile"good night Granger and her bodyguards."

"Shut up ,Malfoy"harry spat.
"Whatever scarhead"Draco went out with Blaise.(drarry moment!!!!xD)

On the way to Slytherin common room.....

"You know Im still mad at you."Blaise frowned.
"Dont expect me to apologize."Draco said without any emotion.

On the way to Gryffindor common room...
"You wouldn't really go with him to that place,would you?"Ron asked. Harry was also waiting for her answer.

"I dont know myself, Harry."Hermione replied.

"Hey!i asked you".Ron complained.

"Goodnight Ginny."Hermione simply said.

"Goodnight Mione"Ginny and Harry said together.

Ron and Lavender rolled their eyes.

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