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"But how is this possible?"Lucius merely whispered.

Like every mother ,Narcissa wanted best for her son.And Hermione Granger was indeed the best.She was overwhelmed.But thinking that Lucius wouldn't approve of it she spoke,"Lucius,blood doesn't matter.Even though she is a muggleborn,she is the best Draco as well as we could have got."

A smile formed on Lucius's lips by seeing the innocence of his wife."I'm well aware of that dear."His smile changed into a smirk thinking after the marriage of his son with the muggle born and war heroine,he could get his reputation back."I want to meet my daughter in law as soon as possible.Tell Draco to bring her in the Malfoy Manor this weekend."

Narcissa was on seventh heaven after hearing this from Lucius."Sure".She owled Draco mentioning about the conversation between her and Lucius.

Next Morning at Potions class

"Hello everyone"Professor Slughorn welcomed everyone with a cheerful smile."Today we shall be making Felix Felicis.As we have already seen this potion last year,I do not think it is necessary to explain about it.But if you want to know more about it, you can ask to Harry."He winked at Harry.

"As for now,we will be making it.You all have to work in pairs.But I have a twist you see.Your partner will be according to your yesterday's sorting."

Some were happy whereas some groaned in disappointment.

Draco stood beside Hermione with his usual famous Malfoy smirk."My parents have invited us for dinner at Malfoy Manor this weekend."

Hermione's face became pale at the mention of the Manor."This weekend?But why?"

"To meet you,obviously.And did you  forget?You have promised me to visit them"Draco stated."And wear something formal."

Author's note:Sorry for the short chapter and late update...

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