Malfoy Manor

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Hermione leered herself at the mirror."Ginny,Am I looking fine?" she asked Ginny literally for the tenth time.Ginny rolled her eyes"Yo are looking absolutely breathtaking and from when did Hermione Granger start to care about her looks?"

"It's just that I'm going to meet Lucius Malfoy and I want to show him that muggleborns are no lesser than purebloods."

"Good luck Mione"

"Thanks Gin...bye"

She came out of the Gryffindor common room.Draco was waiting outside for her.When he saw her,he let out a sharp breath.She was indeed looking breathtakingly aesthetic.But being the Draco Malfoy,he merely complimented her little,that too in a sarcastic tone.

"Looking good,Granger.It seems that you are trying really hard to impress me and my family"

"Dream on Ferret"Hermione replied in a mocking tone.

"Shall we?"Draco led out his arm for Hermione.She took it.They apparated to the the Malfoy Manor using floo powder.

Narcissa was waiting eagerly for their arrival.She heard someone appparating through the fireplace."Lucius,they are here.Lets go"Ecstasy could vividly heard in her voice.

Hermione and Draco were welcomed by Lucius and Narcissa.She took a cursory glance at the Manor.It was magnificent  and stunning and certainly different from the last time she had been here.

"So Ms Granger tell us more about yourself"Lucius spoke for the first time breaking the prolonged and awkward silence."There is nothing much to know about me."Hermione,Narcissa as well as Draco were completely dumbfounded to see that Lucius was actually trying to commence a civil conversation with her.

"What does your parent do in the muggle world?"Lucius inquired.

"They are dentists"

"Beg your pardon"Lucius spoke with a bewildered look in his face.

"They mend people's teeth"

After that they started to talk about random things,totally ignoring Narcissa and Draco.

"we're still here you know"Draco spoke.

"Well of course you are"Lucius rolled his eyes.

Hermione let  out a small chuckle

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