lady malfoy?

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Next day Ginny,Harry,Ron and Hermione entered the great hall and sat at their usual place.Seeing Harry worried,Hermione soothed him"Don't worry Harry.They will sort you with Ginny.Besides,you're the boy who saved the whole wizarding world. Even if you get paired with another girl,you can ask them to change it".
Harry merely nodded and then suddenly hugged Hermione.

Draco was watching the whole scene with profound revolt He absolutely loathed the boy that just wouldn't die from the day he stepped in Hogwarts.His musings were interrupted when Professor McGonagall spoke"Attention please! All students may proceed to their respective classes except 6th and 7th years.The sorting ceremony will commence momentarily."

As said the sorting ceremony began
"Ginevra Weasley"
The sorting hat shouted"Harry Potter"Everyone clapped and Harry hugged Ginny.
"Potter got his girl"Blaise smirked.
Draco ignored him.
"Padma Patil"
"Vincent Crabbe"
The whole room filled with laughter.
"Pansy Parkinson"
"Seamus Finnigan"
Draco sighed in relief. Blaise frowned"What!! guys were perfect for each other".Draco rolled his eyes"Shut up Blaise"
"Luna Love good"
"Blaise Zabini"
Draco smirked"aahah!you are stuck with loony freaky love good".This time,Blaise ignored him and stood beside Luna.
"Lavender Brown"
"Roanld Weasley"
The world has stopped spinning for Hermione.The love of her life was gone! To another girl!that too Ms.Narcissist Brown.She thought she was going to be admitted in St.Mungus.When her eyes slowly met Ron's,she saw happiness in them.Ron jumped next to Lavender with joy.she felt betrayed.But she didn't even get time to respond or manifest anger since her name was called next.
"Hermione Granger"she slowly went and sat.The sorting hat almost took 5 minuets and then shouted

Before the world had just stopped,now,her world had collapsed. She was going to throw up.She was betrothed to her childhood enemy.

Draco was feeling the same thing. But he pondered for a second and understood the privileges of marrying Hermione Granger. After the war,Malfoys had lost their reputation. By marrying Hermione Granger,the epitome of light,a muggle-born,he could gain it back .
Besides puberty had hit her well and she had every quality to become lady Malfoy.
Draco thought of all the perks and stood next to Hermione smirking.His life was going to be a roller coaster ride now.

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