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After the downfall of the formidable Dark Lord,students were welcomed back at Hogwarts.The Golden Trio were more than happy to finally spend a normal year in the school.Ginny and Harry were dating each other.Things had worked well for Ron and Hermione too.

It was their first day of the school.they were having breakfast.Suddenly Dumbledore interrupted and spoke"May I have your attention.First of all I would like to thank all of you for the help in bringing the dark side down,especially the golden trio and honor those who lost their life in the process."Everyone began to have teary eyes.
"Now now,I have an important announcement to make.As we all know,the population of the wizarding world has drastically decreased due to the war,the ministry has decided to amend the marriage law.According to the law,sorting hat will choose your partners and you will have to marry them within a week and....ahem... Conceive a child in at least 3 months"

"You can't do this.its not fair"shouted Fred and George from the Gryffindor table.
"no...booh!!"others students joined as well.
"Silence!!!its not in our hands.The minister himself has told to do so.The sorting ceremony will be tomorrow. Enjoy your breakfast"

"How can he expect us to enjoy our breakfast after telling about this stupid marriage law"Ginny said angrily.
"I can enjoy food anytime"Ron said with food inside his mouth.
"Honestly Ronald!you love nothing except food"Hermione said fuming with anger.
Ron merely said"yeah...."Hermione narrowed her eyes.realizing his mistake,he corrected"oh!I love you too"
Harry began to laugh seeing his two best friends fighting like an old couple.But from inside,he too was worried about this law.

Meanwhile in the Slytherin table.....
"Hey mate!"Blaise sat near Draco.
"What"Draco snapped
"Whoa..what happened to you?"Blaise smiled.
"Nothing much.But this stupid marriage law.I hope I don't get paired with pansy".

"Hey,drakie!"Pansy started to walk toward them.
"How can someone's timing be so perfect"Draco muttered sarcastically. Blaise chuckled.
"Find it amusing,do you?well laugh alone like a madman.I am going."Draco rolled his eyes and began to walk out of the Great Hall praying that he gets sorted with someone smart,not a dunderhead like Pansy.
"This year is going to be so grand.Thanks to this new marriage law."Blaise sighed

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