Malfoy Manor-2

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Hermione took a sip of wine. Although Narcissa and Lucius were acting in a civil manner, the manor was still intimidating considering the fact that she was tortured here in the most excruciating way.

"What are your plan after graduation, Granger?" Draco inquired.

"I'm planning to work in St.Mungus for the welfare of war victims." Hermione stated proudly.

"You should probably consider working in the ministry perhaps. You knowledge and reputation of war heroine can amalgamate for the prestige of Malfoy family later."

"I have better things to do in life, Malfoy."

"You should stop putting a row with me all the time." Draco frowned. "insufferable know-it-all" Draco whispered in anger. But it was loud enough for Hermione to hear.

"Ferret!" Hermione mocked Draco.

"Think you are being funny, are you?" Draco narrowed his eyes.

"Oh yeah, terribly funny."

Narcissa let out a small chuckle.

Lucius interrupted "Ms Granger, if you work in the ministry, it will be easier for you to help the war victims. Think about it."

"Are you engaged in extra curricular activities Ms Granger?"Narcissa tried to divert the direction of the conversation.

"Hemione please... and yes I'm now in the Gryffindor Quidditch team and formed S.P.E.W"

"And threatened everyone to join the club." Draco chuckled "By the way Granger, aren't you afraid of flying in a broomstick?"

"Not anymore. Accordingly Harry and Ginny emboldened me to join the team."

"That reminds me..How are your friends? Mr Potter and Mr Weasley? What are their plans after graduation?" Lucius took an interest in the conversation.

"Harry intends on becoming an auror and Ron doesn't have a plan yet."

"What about Weasellete?" Draco stuffed food in his mouth.

"Ginny has been approached by the Holyhead Harpes."

"Slughorn will be proud." Draco said carelessly.

They finished their dinner and bade goodbye to Lucius and Narcissa and apparated to Hogwarts.

"You've arrived, I see" said Dumbledore calmly.(LOl)

They turned back to see their headmaster and deputy headmistress.

"Mr Malfoy, Ms Granger, it is very inappropriate of you two to neglect your prefect duties." said Professor McGonagall shoting a glare at them.

"I'm sorry Professor. I met my parents after a long time and they wanted to know more about Granger. I lost the track of time." Draco said faking an expression.

"You are?" Hermione whispered.

"Obviously not." Draco said in a low voice, making sure Dumbledore and McGonagall didn't hear.

"It's getting late. Off you go now" Dumbledore excused them

(Author's note: I'm so sorry for the delay. I'll update fast from now on and you will get more of dramione soon...And a huge thanks to all my readers...thanks for sticking by my side:-)

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