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(author's note: This chapter is not for dramione but is dedicated to the friendship of the golden trio and other characters too.)

Gryffindor common room

Hermione started walking towards her room.Suddenly Ginny interrupted," Hey!We should sort out the things, shouldn't we? ". Hermione didn't want to do anything at the moment. "Can we do this tomorrow morning.I'm feeling under the weather."

Ginny rolled her eyes "Enough with all the excuses."

"FINE!" Everyone said in unison.

"So" Ginny started "I know there has been a lot of misunderstandings-"She was cut off by Hermione "Misunderstandings? Shouldn't you say betrayals." She stared at Ron.

"Shut up when I speak" Ginny commanded " As I was saying, there has been a lot of problems due to this marriage law and I want to solve these problems. See !We all have gone through many things together and always sticked with each other, no matter what the situation was. So, why should we let this stupid law break our bond? We should forget about it and do a fresh start, what say?"

Everyone pondered for a while. She was right.They have always been there for each other in every ups and downs.They faced the darkest wizard of their time and saved the whole wizarding world.They meant everything for each other.So why should this law cause repercussions in their friendship?

Hermione spoke"You're right, Ginny"

Ron eyes filled with tears of joy and reverence towards her."You're serious Mione?"


Ron hugged Hermione"Thanks you so much for forgiving me and Im sorry you have to marry that git."After that there was an awkward silence.To get the ball rolling ,Lavender spoke"But he is hot, you know?"

"YEAH!"Ginny agreed.

"seriously?"Harry asked in disbelief.

"I had a crush on him."Ginny and Lavender said together.


"What what?What's so surprising? He's so handsome."

"OH please..."

They started to argue with each other.Meanwhile Hermione commenced to walk towards her room and muttered"Idoits!".When she entered the room she had a big goofy smile on her face. "But my idiots."

Slytherin Common room

Draco and Blaise were reading books in complete silence.After almost an hour, Draco spoke"I'm sorry."

Blaise was dumbfounded ," What"

"I'M SORRY" Draco stated.

"Beg your pardon"

"Did that snake get inside your ear?I said I'm sorry."Draco muttered angrily.

"You're saying it reluctantly"

"Look I'm not a expert in these type of things but I'm really sorry"

"Well..its an amendment"Blaise smiled.

"But don't tell anyone that I apologized.It will be discreditable for me."Draco whispered in a dramatic way.

"You know you look so cute when you try to be cute."

"That didn't even make sense.And are you gay?"Draco laughed.

"No...I'm not gay and finally you laughed.You should do it often.That's the lacunae in your life."Blaise simply said.

"It's not true."Draco returned to his pensive mood.

"Yes it is.And I'm happy you will have Granger in your life now."Blaise closed his book.

"I still can't believe sorting hat chose me for her.Mother and father will be shocked to hear this."He laughed.


Lucius entered the living room"Narcissa, do you know with whom has Draco been paired with?"

"Not yet dear, the owl will arrive soon with the letter mentioning her name."Narcissa took a sip of her tea.

A beautiful black owl arrived simultaneously.

"Oh here it is"Narcissa opened the letter and scanned the name quickly.Her eyes widened by seeing the name.She dropped the parchment in shock.


Lucius was sshocked"What?"

"Hermione Granger"Narcissa repeated.

"You mean Potter's friend Hermione Granger?"Lucius asked for confirmation.

"Yes"Narcissa confirmed.

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