Blondie ferret

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"Hermione,Are you alright?"Harry put his hand on the shoulder with sympathy."NO,I'M NOT"Hermione shouted.All were surprised by her sudden outburst,except Blaise.He started to laugh.

"You are....betrothed!what does Pro-...Professor Snape call her?Insufferable know-it-all".He said between his laughs.Professor Snape raised his eyebrows.

Draco pulled out his wands"Serpent Sortia".A snake fell on Blaise's head.

"AH!...AH! Snake!Somebody take out the snake from my head."Blaise ran away from the Great Hall.Luna followed him.

"Nobody will insult my soon-to-be-wife"Draco stated.

Shock would be an understatement.Nobody had moved a centimeter from their places.There was a pin drop of silence.Until Ron spoke"Bloody Hell!"

Ron was happy to be sorted with Lavender.He had not liked Hermione's bossy nature.He had thought that he would be happy with Lavender and Hermione would be jealous of them.But now,he was jealous of her and Draco.

Draco smirked.He was dying to see Ron's this reaction."What weaselbee?"

Ron ignored him and turned to Professor Dumbledore"But professor,Hermione and me are together.You can't sort her with this ferret."This time Hermione spoke"Oh really Ronald!You were about to dance when you were sorted with Lavender."

Ron froze"

He was cut off by Draco"Actually,you should probably go and dance with Rose-

Ron cut his sentence this time"Lavender"

Draco frowned"Whatever!Admit it.Now that I've been sorted with Granger,you are just jealous.And pottah,its not good to keep your filthy hands on other bloke's fiance for too long,you know."

Realizing that he hadn't left Hermione's shoulder this whole time,he quickly dropped his hands and muttered"I'm sorry."

Hermione frowned"No Harry! You shouldn't be.And its none of your concern,Malfoy."

Draco smiled"Everything about you is now my concern,dear."

Hermione frowned more"Do not call me dear again,Blondie ferret!"

Draco's smile became wider"Blondie ferret is a good one.But you should keep another petname for you soon-to-be-husband.And if not dear,then what should I call you,Granger?Or should I say Mrs.Malfoy?"

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