The sun sets at night in beautiful the colors oranges, pink and reds and If the clouds came glorious light that reflected silver filled the skies. Animals and human enjoyed this part of the day the most.

When the sun went behind the earth humans, animals, and others became afraid, everyone hid in their dens and caves in the rocks and waited for the light of morning.

When the sun rose with the beautiful reds and oranges, everyone came out and with dance and greetings of thanks. The along scary, dark night of cold and noise over. Regular lives could go on. Animals and humans could hunt, eat, and attend their babies.


The humans observed thunder and the streaks of light that cracked through the sky. At night, the sky light up like the day. The humans watched the show, the animals hid in fear.

Sometimes the lightning sparked FIRE. HOT! DESTRUCTIVE! Afterward, the humans saw the cracked, charred melted rocks left by the lightning and the fire that hit. The rocks burnt were too hot to the touch and cooled without fire returning.

Humans also observed hot glowing lava flow from mounds of rocks, which melted the stones. Again the glow was too hot to touch. By the time the glowing stones cooled there was no fire. At night, these fires brought the light and heat of the day, only impossible for the humans to capture and use.

The Human knew that gods controlled fire and lived in the volcanoes and the forged the glowing rocks. From the volcanoes, the gods created the jewels and the silver and gold ores. These were given in gifts and service their brothers and sisters as great treasures. Man craved the fire and what it offered.

The animals also longed for Fire's  warmth and light.

One hunter demanded, "We need the fire now." In their search for the fire hunters and the animals forgot what the God Kaang said.

One of the greatest masters and one of many ancient Lords of All, Kaang an African Bushman God, told his peoples, "Fire, which is hungry and has destructive energies. If animals and humans use fire, fear and distrust will sour between you. Fire will frighten the animals from man and they will not remain friends. The harmony will break. Fire eats anything. Fire brings more trouble than good."

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