Part 12 - FIRE as Analogy or Metaphor

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Our enemy, FIRE, eats everything, and we treat like a hero, a treasure to seek, and a prize to have as if FIRE is a good friend. A good friend, FIRE is not. It has an enormous, ferocious appetite, forever hungry, and eats furiously. From melted flowing lave in the volcanoes to the lightning that dashes through the Air, one priority for FIRE is to consume everything.

With flickers light and flashes, FIRE dances over its victim with penetrating flames to consume prey. Fire is formless and rises to the sky as if praying. While eating its victims, Fire chants sound like hollowed crackling, sudden popping and snapping, or sings along in rumbling hum. Sometimes sparks from FIRE spray quickly into the Air; reaching like diamonds as if praying; these send FIRE to its next victim.

A trickster, FIRE charms, offers heat and light that is magical, to hide its ferocious appetite. FIRE'S whole persona is a victim that craves food and gives it power. FIRE is dangerously beautiful, enchanting, and hypnotic.

Always Fire must be contained in a pit of dirt or behind a hearth of bricks. FIRE'S favorite food is wood, and the Animal Cousins help put FIRE into trees. Mentoring FIRE seems easy and far less dangerous, even polite. FIRE escapes from containers to burn, stinging, and boiling victims for its meal. After Fire eats, ashes are left.

One of the four elements is FIRE; the others are Air, Water, and Earth. Dirt will smother FIRE, although FIRE can melt stones and rocks. Water will drown Fire, even though FIRE can boil Water and cause Water to evaporate into the Air. FIRE likes Air because the oxygen provides the magic needed to feed while Wind throws Fire to its next victim.

To get free and eat is FIRE'S primary focus is to charm the innocence to let it loose so it can consume. All FIRE understands is hunger and is never full. FIRE can appear kind, gentle, sweet, and helpful when contained. Its hypnotic spell asking for release is compelling; Fire must fill its ferocious appetite.

Control FIRE, or it will burn and melt anything in its path in a destructive way with no guilt, eating, growing bigger and hotter, until finally, out of control. It burns everything in its path to the ashes. Then FIRE waits.

The main rule is always to keep FIRE in a container. Feed the FIRE slowly. Watch FIRE constantly; it is always looking for escape and victims. FIRE can smolder on a wooden branch for a long time and then burst into flame when given enough Air.

Beware, be cautious, be respectful, FIRE always finds food. When FIRE eats, it is distracted by an overwhelming predatory appetite. At the same time, its heat provides warmth and cooks meals, and its light provides sight at night.

Always be aware of the enchantment of Fire and the destructive power unleashed if FIRE is free.

FIRE celebrated as a god in ancient cultures.


Always be aware of the hypnotic magic of FIRE, and greed, destructive power. If unlashed; freed from a container FIRE burns and eats, a villain of the worst sort.

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