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I've decided that I'm going to discontinue this fic on this account and continue writing it on one of my other accounts. But I'm changing it up. I'm writing this as a real book now instead of a fan fiction. The plot will change, only slightly but there will still be a few changes. The characters will change and some quite dramatically. Also, this isn't going to be a girlxgirl book. I'm sorry if it makes me seem like a bitch for changing it, but it's my story and I want to change it so I will.

The names of course are also going to be different.

Lauren= Layla Ramirez
Camila= Cameron Garcia
Zayn= Zane Tolstoy
Jacob= Jakob Bane
Niall= Neil Hook
Normani= Nora Bates
Louis= Nora Bates
Dinah= Diana Jones-Messina
Harry= Henry Bray
Liam= Leon Green
Allyson= Allison Martinez
Shawn= Shane Wyeth

Brad= Either Fredward, Fred for short.
Taylor= Talon
Selena= Sage
James= Jordan

So that's all that. I'll keep this book up only to inform when I post the first chapter for the book on my other account. I'll give the account name and everything. Thank you for understanding and I hope you read again when I post.

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