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Your dating Joaquin and he take you to the drive-in, but his friends (Serpents)don't like you because you're not one of them.

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"I don't think this is a good idea,"  you said to Joaquin.

You were currently dating for a few weeks now, and you were getting ready to meet his friends for the first time.

"y/n you're being irrational" he replied back.

"Come on you know that I'm not from the same side of town where they are from" you stressed.

"You'll be okay," he said and then pulled you in for a kiss. His kisses were something else, you always felt butterfly in your stomach whenever you were with him. You hoped that he was the one because you never felt the way you were feeling with anyone you have dated previously. 

"Okay, I guess whatever you say," you said after you pulled away from the kiss.

He winked at you, and you guys made it to the drive in.

You were literally shitting bricks the closer you guys got the drive in. You knew in your heart that his friends would not have liked you. And your mother always told you to trust your gut feeling.

"It's going to be okay y/n," he said reassuringly. 

You turned slightly and turned towards the window. It wasn't too long before you guys reached the the drive in.

You followed behind Joaquin, hand held in his as he led you over to his friends. Before you guys even reached to where they were you can see they were not happy.

"Jo look, they literally want to kill me" you whispered into his ear. He just chuckled and made it over to where his "friends" aka the Serpents were.

"You guys I would like to introduce to my girlfriend" y/n" he said. 

You were happy because he introduced you as his girlfriend, but that moment was quickly taken away from all the huffs and disapproving noises you heard.

"Hi," you said doing a slight wave.

They knew an outsider from just looking at a person. And you knew instantly when they saw you, that they would not have been friendly.

None of them bother to look your way, or even reply to you.

It had not even been five minutes and you were ready to go

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It had not even been five minutes and you were ready to go.  Joaquin had a nervous look on his face because he knew he would not hear the end of this.

"Look, y/n I...." he started to say but you shushed him with a look of pure evil.

"You know what I'm not going to let them ruin a good movie," you said before making yourself-comfortable in the position you were sitting in.

"Go get me some snacks," you semi- yelled at him, because you were pissed.

He quickly got what you asked for, you were rethinking this whole situation ship with Joaquin because if someone likes you they would not have put you in a situation that you were not comfortable in.



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