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"Isn't that the girl Kylie car ?''Veronica pointed out.

We had made it to the house where my dad would sometimes come to when he just needed to get away from all the problems in his head.

"I don't know who that is," I said back to her.

"How do you not know who she is, she is just like Betty but three times worst," Veronica continued to say.

"Hey, that's not true!" Betty shouted.

"Let us go and see if anyone is home," Archie chimed in.

Everyone followed Jughead and made their way into the house. As suspected it was empty. But it was evident that people were there and it most definitely had a female living there.

"I'm pretty sure that those are that Kylie chick belongings, everyone knows she carries this bag" Veronica pointed out.

"Why is my dad hooking up with one of my peers," Jughead said to himself dumbfoundedly.

To say at this point, I was not upset, just disappointed that my dad would not have wanted to be with someone in his own age group.

"Well, this is giving us no answers so I think we should leave," Archie pointed out.

Everyone agreed and left the house and made it back to the car. 


As Jughead and his friends made the grueling long trip back to Riverdale, they sang songs and took quick naps. But when they almost made it back to Riverdale Jughead made a discovery and saw that it was his father motorcycle laid out on the side of the road.

"You guys that's my dad motorcycle," Jughead said and the whole car got quiet.

"It looked like it was some type of attack because there's blood and pieces of shattered glass on the floor" Betty pointed out.

Archie pulled the car over and everyone got out to take a further look at the situation.

"I think we should call my dad" Kevin finally said during the whole time.

"No, this wasn't some type of accident, this was a rival gang doing," Jughead said as he inspected further.

"No wonder why they left in such a hurry at the other house, maybe a gang had followed them there and they just had to make a run for it" Betty exclaimed.

"Look," Archie said pointing towards the bushes.

A leg.

"Oh, my gosh" Veronica and Betty said simultaneously.

Everyone rushed over to where the body was and then to make the shocking discovery it was Kylie.

She was bruised and took some type of beating pretty badly.

"We need to get her to the hosipital," Betty said. Everyone agreed and started to help Kylie up and put her into the car.

The only odd thing was that Fp was nowhere to be found.

End !


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