Forbidden Fruit-FP

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This was requested by @im_Asher 

Where she is Archie's twin sister, secretly dating FP, Archie and the group find out about them cause they followed her. And they get mad. Then later she gets attacked, ends up in the hospital, FP finds her and beats the guy. Archie and they blame FP. They are no longer in high school and everyone is of age.LOL.


"Axel can we hang out later today," Betty asked

"Um, I have something to do later today maybe next time," you said before grabbing your belongings and leaving the group.

"Arch what's up with your sis she has been acting real standoffish lately," Veronica asked.

"I don't know she does the same thing at home" he replied.

"Maybe we should follow her" Betty quipped.

"No, that's a bad idea," Archie said.

"Why not she might be in danger you never know" Betty continued.

"You have a point" Jughead chimed in.

" She needs her privacy" Archie defended.

"Archie she might be in some trouble and she doesn't know how to tell anyone, you see how Riverdale has been for the last couple of months," Veronica said trying to convince him.

"What do you say," Betty said looking more eager than ever.

"I guess you all are right," Archie said finally giving in.

"Ok well then we will meet at three o'clock, and I also got the car so we can follow her" Veronica added.


You looked around your surrounding making sure the coast was clear. If anyone knew what you were doing or who you were going to see, that would have made the front pages of Riverdale newspaper.

You didn't know how it happened but it just did. And you loved it.You checked over your shoulder once again before crossing the road to catch the bus. It was a little way to the south side of town but you didn't mind because you were going to see the man that you love.

Veronica and the rest of the gang weren't too far away watching your every move. You weren't able to see them but they had a decent view of you.

"Why is she catching the bus?" Betty questioned.

"And doesn't that bus goes to the south side of town" Veronica added.

"Maybe she is going to see a friend," Archie said hoping that he was right.

"Or maybe she is dating a serpent" Jughead joked.

Everyone looked at Jughead like he was crazy.

"I don't think she's dumb enough to do that," Betty said.

"But aren't you dating the son of the serpents leader" Veronica sang out.

Betty Flushed red.

"That's different" she answered back.

"Okay stop talking the bus is leaving right now," Archie said. Veronica started the car and stayed a few cars away from the bus.


" Do you love me Axel"

"Yes I do love you FP," you said back to him. "But how are we going to explain this to your son" you continued.

He didn't say anything. That was the problem, how would he explain this to Jughead and how will every other person understand you guys relationship

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