What happened now?!?!

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I wake up screaming, I woke up realizing why I dont like my mother, the memories of her abusing me, mentally, emotionally, and also physically.

I hated her so much that I would do anything to get away from her.

It was the memory of the day of the day at the park.... I know remember every memory of her abusing me... I remember after pain she has ever made me feel...

I started sobbing uncontrollably....

I think someone heard me, because I heard a voice from the other side of the door saying my name, I figured they would give up sooner or later.

Nope, I was wrong they waiting just a few more seconds and just opened the door.

Then I felt warm arms around me, and he kissed me on the forehead.

Im guessing he is trying to comfort me, its kinda working.

After a few mins of me basically sobbing into Jackys chest, I finally stopped.

He finally let go of me, and I raised up and looked at him, I didnt even bother wiping them away, but he did.

Why were you crying, Julia? he asked

I remember how I got Amnesia, and also some stuff about my mom she turned out to be a stupid bitch that abused me all the time.

Oh, Im sorry

Its ok

After a few mins of silence he asked me if I am feeling better and reassured him by nodding my head yes.

He left the room after I nodded.

It felt nice knowing that Jacky cared he comforted me, he made me feel better. :)

A few months later

Ronnie POV

Well I have been seeing Julia twice a week, helping jog her memory, and stuff.

Its been great I have been calling her every night.

She is amazing even if she has Amnesia, she can get to know me all over again.

I feel bad though....


I did something that I know is going to crush her, espically since she has been remember somethings like my favorite colors... its small stuff but she is slowly get there.

I dont know rather to tell her when she remembers me fully or now?.... maybe I should wait awhile... I can keep it from her until at least I get out of jail which is just a month or so.

I am actually getting out early cause I did some extra work to get my time narrowed down.

It was alot of work.

I hear a guard say

Someone is here to see you.

I really didnt want to see anyone right now but I followed the guard anyways.

I opened the doors and saw.....

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