The life of me

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I'm sitting in my room, when suddenly I hear a bell getting rung and familiar voice, the guy I love dearly, Ronnie Radkes.

I'm not going to lie, it sucks that is the way that we have do things but he is on tour constantly, and this way no one suspects we are together.

I come into the living room just as he wanted and he told he wanted me to make his bed, because he forgot to this morning.

I go to the bedroom, and see the bed unmade, so I start casually making it.

I suddenly feel eyes watching me, I look out of the corner of my eye it was Jacky the guitarist of Falling In Reverse.

He has been watching me a lot lately, I think he is suspicious of me.

I thought we had been so careful

After I got done making the bed, I pretended like I didn't see him staring me down when I was making the bed and walked on but I could still feel his eyes burning a hole through me.

I then go back into the living room and say "Your bed is now made, Mr. Radke."

He then whispers "Come Here" I go up to him and he slowly makes him way to my lips, but then he realizes that Ryan is coming out of the bedroom, so I quickly walk to my bedroom as if nothing happened.

Its been so hard on us since the band has been constantly here.

It kills me, but tonight I am going to sneak into his room, and get the affection I have been oh so wanting. :)

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