Whos there?!?!

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Ronnies POV

The guard opened the door of the jail to take to the area where the unexpected vistior was I knew it couldnt be the guys or Julia because they have already visited today.

Then I saw a girl figure. with blonde hair she turned around and instantly I knew exactly who it was it was... Sally Watts.

We had sex a month ago which is the bad thing I did that I really regret.

It wasnt my fault ethier.


I just got told there was someone here to see me, they took me to this room, I guess so me and the other person could have a some privacy.

I go into the creepy room and I see.... Sally Watts.

She told me to sit down with her and have a drink.

We sat there and talked for at 20 mins but my vision was so blurred.

Sally realized how drunk I was and took advantage of it, she started kissing me neck, I was too drunk to do anything the next thing I know.

She got enjoyment out of this, I knew this because I saw her start grinning from ear to ear.

I cant believe it happened but it did.

I cant believe how dumb I was being.

I havent been drunk since the first time I went to jail, which was like 5 years ago.

I cant believe she did that I am pretty angry with her right now but I dont understand why she is even here.

I thought I made it clear to her I didnt want to see her EVER again.

I go up to her and ask her in a harsh tone

Sally, why are you here? I thought I made it very clear I didnt want to ever speak to you.

She then told me to sit down, and I sat down in the uncomfortable jail chairs.

She kept looking at her hands and then she finally decided to speak

Um... Ronnie, I dont exactly know how to tell you this but um.... Ronnie, I am pregnant and you are the father.

It was quiet for quite a few moments... I just sat there there was a thousand thoughts running through my head. My thoughts were racing.

I then responded,

Sally... I cant believe this happened... this is your fault you got me drunk!!!! Oh you feel better now since you ruined my life and also your very own... I hope you are fucking happy.

After I said that sentence she burst out in tears

That moment I regretted what I said.

I went over to her and hugged her.

I then said

I'm sorry, I am going to help you take care of this baby.

Have you told anyone other than me I asked her as I kissed her forehead trying to comfort her.

No, you are the only person that knows right now.

Then the guard told me that I had to back to my cell.

I sat there for hours, just thinking about how am I going to tell Julia espically with her amnesia..

I defientely have to tell her soon.

For the first time, I felt like the need to cry, but I am not going to cry in jail.

Oh yeah if you have been wondering about my roomate she got out early. So I am alone in my cell. I have been for quite sometime now.

I finally decided to just get some sleep so I layed down on the jail bed and I drifted off in a sleep almost instantly.

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