You left me locked inside a cell

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I'm his secret

He really loves me I can see it in his gorgeous eyes

Sometimes you have to take some risky sacrifices for love.

Especially since he is a rockstar

The reason why I have to be his secret is because he is 28 and I am only 16.

If anyone knew we were together, they would call us crazy, and then call the cops.

I don't want him taken away from me, even if it means I have to be his servant.

I will do anything for this man.

I will do anything for him.

I love Ronnie Radke more than words can describe.

I use to never believe in the saying Love sees no age, height or weight, but after I meet this handsome man that all changed.

I have never felt a love like this before.

I love him to pieces, and I don't ever want to lose him, and I hope to God I never do.

He is my everything, he keeps me going everyday.

When I see him I melt.

When I see him smile it make me smile too.

To everyone else I am just his servant,

to him I am his everything and he is my everything.

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