Uh Oh?

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Julia's POV

I cried for what seemed like hours.

I really dont know I have really been keeping up with time.

I have only been guessing.

After what seemed like hours of crying I finally fell asleep, on Ronnies bed

Next day

I woke up and saw that it was sometime in the morning, but I decided to check the time on my phone just to make sure.

I then saw that I had a missed call.

I froze when I saw that the call was from my Mother.

I stared at the phone for quite awhile, how did she know my number after I moved out I changed my number to make sure she wouldnt contact me.

Well look how long that lasted.

I then finally decided to push the call back button that was on my touch screen phone, and put the phone to my ear.

It rang 3 times and then I heard my mothers voice say


Hello, mom, I replied

She paused and it seemed like she was crying, but then she responded

Oh my god, its you Julia Marcella, my one and only daughter, I know you are OK.

Noone ever says my full name but hearing it from my mom made me smile a bit and knowing that she cares I am OK.

Yeah, its me mom, but how did you get my number?

It was hard to find but I finally got it, I had to make sure you were OK.

Espically since I heard about Ronnie getting put in Jail.

Yeah, I am fine mom, I gotta go tho, I replied and before I got a response I hung up.

It was kinda nice that my mom called me, kinda stalkerish that she went through all that trouble getting my number, but oh well.

She also seemed different she seemed like the person she was before she got cancer and got divorced.

She seems more understanding, more caring like she use to be.

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