At the end of the day... We're still family  by Lunatic_Princess_66
At the end of the day... We're sti...by Lexie V
2 years ago, ago, Skylar Jade made a mistake. A huge one. But it was a tough decision. TNA invaded WWE and targeted everyone Skylar loved. Including her father. Skylar...
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Guess The 'Emo'/punk Song by XxpersonxXxo
Guess The 'Emo'/punk Songby Nerd
I'll be putting in Lyrics from Twenty One Pilots, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, BMTH, Mindless Self Indulge, Panic!, BVB, FIR, All Time Low, Sleeping With Sirens, p...
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Dada Imagines  by LastThief
Dada Imagines by -xoZowie
parent! x child!Reader Smut requests will not be tolerated because as I have said before this book will not feature incest because I don't support that.
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WWE's Most Hottest, Popular, and Unstable Power Couple by Lunatic_Princess_66
WWE's Most Hottest, Popular, and U...by Lexie V
Katie Radke and Dean Ambrose are the most popular couple in sports entertainment. They're extremely affectionate, caring, protective, supportive, and defensive of each o...
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Torn Between... Everyone by Lunatic_Princess_66
Torn Between... Everyoneby Lexie V
The Shield was unstoppable. They got a fourth member, Suicide Bliss, in late 2013, then she began to date Dean Ambrose. He loved her. Protected her. They were completel...
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Ronnie Radke One Shot's  by dolphingirl1983
Ronnie Radke One Shot's by Dolphingirl
Just what the title says. I'm uploading my one shots from my tumblr to my Wattpad. Hope you enjoy!
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The man covered with tattoos~ Ronnie radke X reader *COMPLETE** by trippemadison
The man covered with tattoos~ Ronn...by Maddie🕷
"man your tattoos." "yeah I'm the man covered with tattoos."
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You're My Gorgeous Nightmare by LaughingJilltheWolf
You're My Gorgeous Nightmareby LaughingJilltheWolf
Two years after the Bury the Hatchet tour, Craig Mabbitt finds himself in love with Falling in Reverse' lead singer, Ronnie Radke. As time goes on, however, Craig finds...
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Poison Ink {Emerson Barrett} by FirePieOw
Poison Ink {Emerson Barrett}by FirePieOw
*Number two in ronnieradke as of 6/29/18* *Number seven in emersonbarrett as of 7/22/18* *Number 1!!! In fallinginreverse as of 8/15/18* Hey! So it's a bit rough in the...
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Smash Or Pass Band Members  by xXBloodyRiotXx
Smash Or Pass Band Members by Kirstin Biersack
okay here is the of smash or pass but band member edition so here how the game work each picture of the band member just simply say in the comments smash or pass see it'...
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Saviour (BVB) [COMPLETED] by heyit_sjay
Saviour (BVB) [COMPLETED]by Jade
Snowflake is Andy Biersack's twin sister, but she was adopted at 1 years old. Now 22 years old, she gets reunited with her brother when their bands go on tour with each...
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Ronnie Radke Imagines by Justdancedancer
Ronnie Radke Imaginesby Crystal
If you like Falling In Reverse then your gonna love these imagines about Ronald Jospeh Radke a well known rapper and rock star of course some will be romantic :)
  • fanfiction
  • fantasy
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The Show Goes On by TheShyExtravert
The Show Goes Onby TheShyExtravert
This is the sequel to my story Fame or Shame. Make sure to check that out first or you might be confused. Alyssa Radke never thought she would fall in love, let alone w...
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Magic Works (A Jacky Vincent and Ryan Seaman love story) by LaughingJilltheWolf
Magic Works (A Jacky Vincent and R...by LaughingJilltheWolf
In a world where sorcery is punishable by burning at the stake, Jacky Vincent has to hide his true powers. But when his band mate and crush, Ryan Seaman, finds out, they...
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A Vampire Fairy Tale (Ronnie Radke) by discoxbiscuit
A Vampire Fairy Tale (Ronnie Radke)by Your Girl Friday
Imagine a world where all the giants of pop punk and emo music as far back as the early 2000's were actually a secret society of vampires in turmoil, divided over the re...
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The Mistakes I Made °Ronnie Radke Love Story° by someweirdflowerchild
The Mistakes I Made °Ronnie Radke...by Some Weird Flower Child
Originally uploaded on my quotev account. When Craig Mabbit is your brother, you have to hate his enemies too. Thats how Jaccolin thinks anyways. Which is why she origi...
  • reverse
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Tragic Magic II World Tour by Calypso_Bear
Tragic Magic II World Tourby Calypso_Bear
Juliet, now Mrs. Radke, is getting ready to go on tour with her husband, Ronnie Radke. After a very long and lonely road involving romances with Craig Mabbitt and TJ Bel...
  • piercetheveil
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HELL'S ANGELS |  KELLIC by pxneappleexpress
Kellin Quinn runs Clairemont Academy. He's had control over the whole school since he moved to London with his mother and his step-father 7 years ago at the tender age o...
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Love To Hate Me by summylovesyou
Love To Hate Meby summylovesyou
Hi my name is Ashley Rose. I am 21 years old and have bright red hair with green eyes. I am going on another tour with my best friend Andrew Biersack. He invited me t...
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The secret fighter by overllyextra
The secret fighterby ª
Athena being classified as the school 'nerd' has been made to follow the basic standards. But what they didn't know is that she is a street fighter who is very violent...
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