A Radke Affair by brandisanchezx
A Radke Affairby ProFAN
Reader x Ronnie ✌ Mostly Reader POV but it switches around...
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Dada Imagines  by LastThief
Dada Imagines by -xoZowie
All imagines are parent x child or teen reader, and by x I mean as in a biological way, not in the creepy way... Requests are currently open just submit the band member...
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At the end of the day... We're still family  by Lunatic_Princess_66
At the end of the day... We're sti...by Lexie V
2 years ago, ago, Skylar Jade made a mistake. A huge one. But it was a tough decision. TNA invaded WWE and targeted everyone Skylar loved. Including her father. Skylar...
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Guess The 'Emo'/punk Song by XxpersonxXxo
Guess The 'Emo'/punk Songby Nerd
I'll be putting in Lyrics from Twenty One Pilots, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, BMTH, Mindless Self Indulge, Panic!, BVB, FIR, All Time Low, Sleeping With Sirens, p...
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Never The Same (Ronnie Radke Love Story) by thatchickozzie
Never The Same (Ronnie Radke Love...by thatchickozzie
Lauren, a young tattoo model was at a photo shoot. Little did she know she'd be meeting Ronnie Radke. Lauren has no idea who he is, as he tries to pursue her.
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The Mistakes I Made °Ronnie Radke Love Story° by someweirdflowerchild
The Mistakes I Made °Ronnie Radke...by Some Weird Flower Child
Originally uploaded on my quotev account. When Craig Mabbit is your brother, you have to hate his enemies too. Thats how Jaccolin thinks anyways. Which is why she origi...
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Ronnie Radke Imagines by Justdancedancer
Ronnie Radke Imaginesby Crystal
If you like Falling In Reverse then your gonna love these imagines about Ronald Jospeh Radke a well known rapper and rock star of course some will be romantic :)
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Tu Me Rends Fou ➳Waycest by YourGayIsShowingXOX
Tu Me Rends Fou ➳Waycestby I'm so aw & your so eww ♡
"We're brothers!" I protested. I squirmed underneath him, trying to escape from his embrace. He smirked, watching me struggle and he quietly chuckled clearly i...
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Ronnie Radke One Shot's  by dolphingirl1983
Ronnie Radke One Shot's by Dolphingirl
Just what the title says. I'm uploading my one shots from my tumblr to my Wattpad. Hope you enjoy!
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Poison Ink {Emerson Barrett} by DragonFoe
Poison Ink {Emerson Barrett}by DragonFoe
*Number two in ronnieradke as of 6/29/18* Catrina always got beautiful drawings on her arms, legs, and neck. She admired them, and treasured them. Emerson usually got c...
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Band Imagines by SugarplumpsXX
Band Imaginesby Loki Doki
Yes, Band Imagines, I'm Edgy. I will take requests! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NO ONE DIRECTION Falling in reverse, Fall out boy, Black veil brides, My chemical romance, Ger...
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Torn Between... Everyone by Lunatic_Princess_66
Torn Between... Everyoneby Lexie V
The Shield was unstoppable. They got a fourth member, Suicide Bliss, in late 2013, then she began to date Dean Ambrose. He loved her. Protected her. They were completel...
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Where Have You Been? (A Falling In Reverse FanFiction) by ash1997
Where Have You Been? (A Falling In...by Patricia
When she met him, she had no idea how much it would change her life. She had no idea things would turn into trouble. Her name is Melody, Melody Summers.
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Forever and Always by dolphingirl1983
Forever and Alwaysby Dolphingirl
Ally and Ronnie had known each since before he went to prison. They were madly in love. When rumors spread of her sleeping with another man, Ronnie decides he's done and...
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WWE's Most Hottest, Popular, and Unstable Power Couple by Lunatic_Princess_66
WWE's Most Hottest, Popular, and U...by Lexie V
Katie Radke and Dean Ambrose are the most popular couple in sports entertainment. They're extremely affectionate, caring, protective, supportive, and defensive of each o...
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smash or pass  by TinyTwizzler
smash or pass by l e s t w i z z l e r
simple: comment smash or pass - no bashing people for their choice - voting doesn't hurt - only males are in this book
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MY RP BOOK by xX570HorrorQueenXx
MY RP BOOKby xX570Xx
Band RP book and my OC forms
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Trace The Lines //Ronnie Radke x Female Reader// by xoxSurrealistxox
Trace The Lines //Ronnie Radke x F...by xoxSurrealistxox
Codes (Y/n) your name (Y/h) your height (Y/h/c) your hair color (Y/e/c) your eye color (Y/s/c) your skin color
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Face Down (Andy Biersack fanfiction) Complete by lafayeet
Face Down (Andy Biersack fanfictio...by hamildone with u
DISCLAIMER: I do NOT have any hate towards Juliet what so ever. It's just how the story goes so deal Abusive relationships are like meth. You know it's bad for you. You...
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The Tattoo Artist by alvxusmarie
The Tattoo Artistby alvxusmarie
She loves art. He creates it. What happens when she walks into his tattoo parlor? Find out in the Tattoo Artist.
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