Thanks for keeping it a so called secret

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Ronnies POV

I am sitting there in bedroom, thinking up a storm about what just happened last night, when the love of my life just randomly blurts out to Jacky that we are a couple.

I just cant quit thinking about it, because she just all of sudden blurts it out when she was that didnt really want to tell him in the first place, but today I really have to get my mind off it.

I have a major concert that I have to attend to tonight, I have decided to invite Julia to come along.

I think it will be fun plus I want to try and make up for not being able to spend anytime with her those few weeks.

I look at the time its 1 P.M.

I better ask her soon or we will miss it.

I finally decide to open my door and walk to her room.

I knock on the door, there was no answer I knock on it again still no answer, I was getting really worried because I havent see her all day come out of her bedroom.

I figured that Iwould give her some time alone today and not bother her with anything and I told the band not to also.

Afte a couple seconds later right before

I was about to barg in, she finally decided to respond,

Im coming

I heard ruffelling of papers and other sounds before she opens up the door.

When she opened it she looked fine but I could tell there was something wrong with her physically and emotionally wrong, I could see it in her eyes.

Hey, babe something wrong?

Julias POV

Hey, babe something wrong? Ronnie asked

I knew that he knew there was something wrong, that there was something bothering me, I dont want to tell him because it hurt me more if I have to say it.

I cant tell him.

Now hes staring at me waiting patiently for a answer, a answer that I oh so desperately dont want to give him.

It would crush him to a thousand pieces.

I dont know if I can be with him anymore this is just to hard for me, I have to be his lousy servant just to even be near him... this kills me.

I finally decide to answer him after quite a few moments of him just staring at me I say

Oh nothing I just really been wanting to get out of the house.

I didnt lie I have been wanting to get out of those house but thats not why I was upset.

Ronnies POV

Oh nothing I just really been wanting to get out of the house, she finally says.

I could tell that wasnt the only thing wrong but I let it go, if she trully wants to talk about it she will. I then ask her

You know that concert we have tonight?

Yes, she responds

Well I was wondering if you wanted to go?

Her face lit up, which that implied she would love to go.

A few hours later

Its time of the concert we are the arena, we are only a few seconds away from getting on stage.

I see Julia standing right beside me, She look around to see if anyone was watching and she saw that nobody was, she kissed me on the cheek quickly and I saw her cheek turn lightly red.

That made me smile, I love this girl.

I just wish that she didnt have to be my servant, that we could be public if it wasnt for me having to go back Jail if I am with her then I would show her off the to world.

I then heard our manager say we need to get on stage, first came Ryan, second came Derek third came Jacky fourth came Ron, then last but not least me.

I come onto the stage and seeing the crowd, cheering way more since I came onto the stage.

As I look to my left I see Julia looking at me, that killed me it killed me I have to make sure nobody is looking just to give her a peck on the cheek.

It kills me but this is how it has to be.

I decide to go on with the concert we started out with Raised By Wolves and ended with the Drug In Me is You.

Julias POV

After the concert was over, and they got backstage,The band told me that they wanted to talk to me about something, I was worried about what they wanted to talk to me about, usually when someone says oh we need to talk it is usually not good.

What is that you need to talk to me about?

Well you and Ronnie have been acting very fishy lately, like you two are hiding something, a big something that we need to know about and plus we saw you give Ronnie a peck on the cheek,what is going on? Derek says.

They were really observation today, I thought nobody was looking but they saw....they actually saw...what do I do? What do I say? .....There was no way out of this I had to tell them... I had to them now... I took a deep breath.

Me and Ronnie.....are dating, we have been for 7 months now... almost 8, I basically said loud enough for them to hear, but after I said that I realized that there was press right behind the band, I cant believe I didnt even notice them....not even 10 seconds passed before they were at my throat with questions.... Ronnie is really going to hate me now.... what have I done?

I looked to my left to see now that Ronnie was stand there, in confusion...

Ronnie's POV

I come back from the bathroom, and I see.... Julia getting basically trampled by the press... that should be doing that as far as my concern they only know her as my.... servant... or do they?

I walk closer to where Julia was to see what they are aggravating her about... I really hate the press.

I see her look at me with pitty filled eyes, you can see sorrow and regret in her eyes, and then I knew exactly what happened....

I then see the press leave her and trample me with a thousand question about us.... my only question was how did this happen?

They asked me question after question untill finally I decided to take Julia and the rest of the band and run to our tour bus.

When we got into the tour bus, I asked

Um... what happened back there Julia, how do they know about us? I asked.

Well after the show, when you went to the bathroom the band told me they wanted to talk to me and then they were wondering what was up, and I deicided to tell them because you know, they were going to just keep getting more suspicious and then asked me why I kissed you on the cheek and then I told them.

I didnt realize there was press right behind them hearing every word. Im really sorry, Ronnie, she says.

I cant believed this happened, actually I cant believe how it happened...

I am defientely going to Jail now...

there is no way around now esipically since the press knows about it.

Why does she have to be sixteen...

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