The day

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Julias POV

I am sleeping in my own bed, when I heard a door slam and people rushing into the house, I knew whe I heard rushing and thumping in the house I knew exactly what was going to happen.

I jumped out of the bed and opened up my door and not to my surpise I saw police officers in the house, I knew then that my beloved Ronnie was going to be taken away.

As I see the police officers barg into his room, and say you are under arrest, I see them take him away, when I saw that I instantly started to break down and cry


I scream through the tears that nowstreaming quickly down my face while running after them

He just looks at me and says

This day was going to come sooner or later, remember I will always love you, Julia

I finally decide to stop and just dropped down to the ground and I weep for a long time

Ronnies POV

I am sitting on bed, because I didnt sleep much last night and figured that Julia was still asleep so I decided to stay in here for a little while, I then heard noises thumping and door slam it sounded as if people were here.

Before I could even think another thought there was men in Blue and Black uniforms in my bedroom then I knew today was the day I was going to be ripped apart from Julia for who knows how long.

Two buff men take me by the arms and starts dranging me out of there and they said you are underarrest.

They then take me out of my room in handcuffs and the house that I live I would have to tell it goodbye.

I then here Julia scream through her now streaming teared face while also running after us


For the first time ever I saw here actually break down in cry, she is one of those people that hardly show emotions.

When she cries then she is trully upset.

When I see her break down and cry it killed me I wanted to break from the handcuffs and hug her and tell her everything was going to be ok.

I then decide to look at her and say

This day was going to come sooner or later, remember I will always love you, Julia

As soon as those words were spoken she instantly dropped to the ground and brings her hands to face and starts softly weeping, and after that I was put into the police car and we drove away, I dont know how long she weeped but I am guessing it was a long time.

I had a feeling I was going to be in this car a long time so I decided to start watching outside the window but it really didnt help pass the time by.

I really couldnt quit thinking about Julia, I was forced to leave her, for who nows how long and how do I know that when I am out that she will keep her promise.

Sometimes promises get broken.

Finally after what seemed hours I finally get to the Jail, It was a pretty nice jail it was better then the other one that I was in.

I get took to my cell and I see that I have a cellmate.

She had brown hair that was long it came past her shoulders and met at her lower back she looked about 23 and she had blue eyes.

People with blue eyes amaze me

I then walked into the cell and the officers looked the cell door.

I then say Hi, I am Ronnie.

She then speaks

Yes, I know who you are,youre the lead singer of Falling In Reverse, correct?

Why yes I am

She then holds out her hand and says

I am Marie

I take her hand and I gently shake it, her hands were so soft and so cold

I let go of his hand and after quite a few moments of awkward silence I then decide to speak

Hey, um if we are going to be cellmates then I guess we should get to know each other

Yeah, so what did you do to get in here? she asks

Um... I dont really know how to explain it.... I was with a minor and that isnt allowed here so I got put here

Oh I see

Yeah so how did you get here? I ask

She sits down on the bottom bunk and so do I she then starts to answer my question

Well I killed my mother, she was abusing me so I tried to defend myself and I ended up killling her in the process, so I got sent here

I was rather shocked that she defended herself like that, but then get put in here for that got take some guts there.

I respect this girl.

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