The Next Morning

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It's about 10 a.m.

I am still wrapped up in Ronnie arms like I was before I went to sleep, he is just so warm, he always seems warm, I liked that because I was almost always cold.

I look to see if Ronnie was awake and I raise my head to see his face, and to my Surpise he was awake, I wonder how long he had been watching me sleep.

Ronnie finally decided to let go of his embrace of me.

After I finally get off the bed, I just remember that  I am not suppose to be in here, so I opened the door to check and see if anyone is awake,.

I saw that Jacky was awake in the living room watching, apparentely what sounded like Spongebob.

I am pretty sure it was since I watch it all the time because it's one of my favorite cartoons.

"Um Ronnie, I think we kinda have a problem"

He says "Why do you say that?"

"Because Jacky is up and if I go back to my room he will see me and if I don't go back he will know I am in here."


You can say you had to clean and put away clothes for me this morning as soon as you woke because I really wanted some clothes clean for today.

"That's a really good excuse, Radke", I say

I know, I'm just that good, he says while laughing.

I walk out of Ronnie's bedroom, about to go back to my room, when I heard Jacky ask "Why were you in Ronnie's room, when you are still in your pjs and it's 10 am?"

I knew that question was coming, and I said because Mr. Radke insisted that he wanted his clothes clean today and put away, you know how rockstars can be," I said while laughing.

At first he kinda was in disbelief but then Ronnie came out of his room dressed in some clothes he wore the other day, and he said

yeah I just love this outfit I had to get her to wash this outfit so I could wear it again.

Jacky finally went back to his Spongebob.

I went into my room and changed into a hello kitty tshirt and my favorite neon blue skinny jeans.

I am glad that even though I am the bands servant that I don't have to wear a uniform, they think that is pushing it.

They want me to be able to express myself even through my job.

I walk out of my room and Ronnie is standing there smiling and then he texts me

You look sexy, i just love colorful skinny jeans :) , Jacky is watching us like freaking hawks. :/ does he know something?

I text back Aww :) blushy face, he shouldn't know anything we have been extermely sneaky, he defientely shouldn't be supicisious.

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