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Ronnie Knows

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Ronnie's POV

Im sitting there in my cell I have been here for weeks.

I am allowed visitors now but, I havent had a chance to talk to Julia, I am planning on telling her today.

I then heard a voice it sound like Jacky's.

I then heard a guard tell me someone is here to see me.

I was right it was Jacky, he was standing there I could tell there was something wrong.

He told me to sit and I did, and so did he.

Jacky then started to speak

Julia is in the hostipal

My heart just dropped, my facial express went from calm to completely depressed

What happened? I asked

I really dont know excatly what happened but I was walking in the park, and I saw Julia sitting on the bench and a person behind her that look just like her, I am pretty sure it was were her mother.

They were talking and everything, then all of sudden Julia starts running, and then the woman started chasing her.

Then i saw the women take Julia and sling her making her hit the bench, and then she fell on the concrete.

Then I heard the woman say

Thats what you get for leaving me fucking whore.

Thats all I know for right now, so far she is still unconcious, but the guys are there with her waiting for her to wake up.

After Jacky got done explaining what happened I was shocked was Julias mother a abuser or was that just because she left.

She never talked about her friends or family.

I have to go see her, Jacky.

I want her to be ok.

You know you cant, Ronnie you are stuck here for at least a year.

I know...

Dude but I promise I will keep you updated.

Thanks, bro

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