Chapter Fourteen

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Chapter Fourteen

Claire's POV

Just before we stepped out of the house, I noticed a spark in the distance. I wanted to figure out what it was so I told Lissy and Wes to follow me so we can check it out. "What if there's something that we mustn't mess with?" Lissy asked. "We grab our weapons, duh" Wes informed poorly. "Oh...right....haha..." Lissy responded and walked towards a forest which was apparently there. "How convenient?" I spoke. Wes nodded and out of thin air appeared the Galaxy Sword. "I'll get my bow..." I said and walked home as Wes followed from behind.


Well everyone is ready. I got my bow and quiver of arrows. Now if I remember from the note that Violet had left me, she said that these are very special arrows. She wrote that they are magical arrows? Only for sorcerers...I thought. But I'm not a sorcerer, just regular old me! I scoffed. Lissy came out from the forest with a bow and a quiver of arrows. "I'm ready" She announced. I nodded and so did Wes. We started walking towards the spark. I was nervous of what will happen if we get there. I took some time out of this to think. Maybe I am a sorcerer? If I were then how come I can't feel any magical energy inside of me? I may be a Muggle? But muggles don't have magic....Maybe I inheritted some out of Seto....I sighed deeply. "What's wrong, Claire?" Wes asked. "Well from the information I got from, Diana, she told me that this bow is for sorcerers or magic users only and I don't think I am a sorcerer or maybe just a Muggle since I am seto's cousin" I explained. Maybe...I am magic?

~Skipping Because I'm Lazy~

I readied my bow and aimed at the spark from afar, walking slowly towards it. I then stopped by the sound of Mitch's voice. "CEASE ALL FIRE, GUYS!" He yelled out. I stopped in my tracks, but my aim didn't alter. Wes fell in the process from the abrupt stop. Jason helped the Australian up. "Why Mitch?" I asked. He put his hand in my wrist, lowering it. "Michelle. It's alright. No one's going to hurt you." Mitch said softly. Michelle. Must be his girlfriend.

A girl my age with red hair and emerald green eyes came out of the bushes. "Michelle Hughes." She introduced. Suprisingly Wes gave the introduction. "Wesley Pendery but you can call me Wes for short" Wes smiled, giving her a warm hug. "This is Jason, that's Adam, Lissy and this girl right here is Claire." She said pointing to each of us. I smiled. Suddenly Wes said something in French. Not a language I understood that well, " Personnellement, je pense que Mitch et Claire font un bon couple." All I understood was Mitch's name, my name and couple.

Not something I would like to hear in a sentence.

Mitch blushed and Michelle smirked and looked at me. Oh god. "Wesley is exactly like Bodil." Adam snickered. "Well I kinda am since I am his cousin" Wes informed. "HOLY MACARONI" Quentin shouted.  She turned her gaze at me and she smirked, mumbling something in French. "Wes please! Stop this damn nonsense! I can't even tell what the hell you're saying" I whined. "I only took French for one semester...." "Then you should understand" Adam spoke. "I WAS TOO LAZY, YOU FAGGOT" I shouted and then they all laughed. "Whatever, biggums" Jerome responded. I sighed deeply. My amulet started to shine a red colour. Oh...So Michelle is the last girl...Guess it's time for us to train for our battle haha... "Nyeh, let's just get home, I'm hella tired" I then walked off with the rest following behind. It seemed they ignored or maybe they didn't notice my amulet glow. Before I left, I asked Michelle for her number and she gave it to me. The others went to their home and Lissy decided to stay with me until I have gotten home.

I walked inside my home, settling down my bow and arrows. I walked up the stairs and removed my boots, getting prepared for bed. Plopping down onto my bed, staring up at the ceiling into nothingness.

Another long day, another great day...

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