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Julias POV

I cant believe this happened, I wish it never would of happened, Ronnie going to Jail is going to be all my fault and I am never going to forgive myself, and he probably will never forgive me.

The band is mad at him for keeping it a sercet for so long and they are also mad at me because apparentely to them I am the only girl in the world that would do something as stupid as I have.

Thanks alot guys.

It also doesnt help that we are flooded with the press all the time now.

Everytime we leave the house they are at our throats with a thousand questions.

I want it all the to stop.

I want everything the way it was, I know that I just said that I couldnt take being his servant, but I cant take this ethier.

I am not used to this much attention.

I am just a normal girl that is dating the King of The Music Scene.

Cant they just leave us alone.....

I also cant stand to think about Ronnie going to Jail.

If he goes which I know he will, there is no telling how long I will have to spend without him.

I mean I could visit him in Prison but its not the same.

I want him to be here.

I want to have our own house together, maybe even have children and get married.

That cant happen if he is in Prison...

Suddenly, my thoughts got interupted by a voice the only voice I would hear right now, because everyone else is mad at me.

Plus you are probably wondering where my parents are, or where my friends are, and why I am not in school.

Well thats a long story but my parents I hated them, they abused me and they put me down everyday because of who I was and so I just left I stayed with a friend for a little while.

I even got a job and was going to school but then at my job which was a cashier at Hot Topic my favorite store.

I then saw a tall figure about 6''1' with jet black hair and tatoo all over his arms and his neck.

I then realized it was Ronnie Radke the ex lead singer of Escape the Fate and formal singer of Falling In Reverse.

He smiled at me, I smiled back he then finally decided to buy something, which was eyeliner.

After that day we talked, we went on dates and we really hit it off.

Then he told me to come live with him, but the catch was I had to be his servant, at first I was very hestitant about it but then I decided I would after he gave me the reasoning.

It was Ronnies, he then spoke

Julia.... after what happened that night I know I am going to Jail, I dont know how long I am going to be there. I want you to make me a promise, if and when I go to Jail that you will wait for me... that when I do get out that we pick up where we left off.

I promise.


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