Chapter 4 - A female knight in a graveyard

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[Clunk, Clink, Tink!] (Sound of metal or steel colliding.)



I slowly opened my eyes and stood up.

What I saw after opening my eyes is entrance of the dungeon

(Huh.. Why the hell am I outside of the dungeon.)

(Uhh.. That's right I lost...)

[Clink, Clink, Tink, Tonk!]   

[Ahh... That noisy sounds again...]

I felt irritated from the sound plus from my lost to the Undead King.


(Well whatever....)



Name: Mononobe Yuuto

Race: Undead/Zombie

Job: Monster

HP: 10/920


Level: 37

STR: 798

DEF: 786

MAG: 999999999999


AGI: 1584


DEX: 626


Consume (Level 23)

Extreme Magic Mastery (Level MAX)

Appraisal (Level MAX)

Stealth (Level 18)

Swordsmanship (Level 21)

Assassinate (Level 23)

Club Mastery (Level 11)

Cannibalism (Level 13)

Poison Breath (Level 11)

Poison Resistance (Level 22)

Decapitation (Level 19)

Slash (Level 24)

Super Hearing (Level 13)

Wind Slash (Level 21)

Sound Wave (Level 19)

Night Vision (Level 19)


Void Magic

Summon Undead



Undead Slaughterer

Undead Slayer

Own Race Slaughterer

Skeleton Slayer

Skeleton Slaughterer

Bat Slayer

Bat Slaughterer

Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slaughterer

Frenzy Killer

The One Who Consumes

The One Who Hunts

The One Who Kills

The Selfish One

The Savage One

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