Chapter 2 - Power Leveling

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And now let's get back at the present time...

I checked first my whole attire.

It looks fine I guess for just a leather equipment from that skeleton knight.

Now let's look for the next target.

I started to walk.

I scan all the place where I goes through.

I search here, there and anywhere just to look for a monster.

(Huh I can't find some..?)

I decided to go to another direction.

While I'm walking I've spotted a 3 goblin.


Level: 3

(There level 3 so I can handle them straight on.)

I readied my sword then sprint into the direction of the 3 goblin.

I swung my sword into the first one.

It repel my attack by shielding itself with it's club.

But then I slide my sword and then swung it into the next goblin that is in it's side.


I slashed the neck of the goblin in the side.

Blood splatters after that and the goblin next besides it got splashed by its own comrades blood.

[Swordsmanship Level up.]

I swung again the sword in my hand but it feels more lighter and easier to handle than before.

And because of that I easily killed the other 2 goblins.

[Yuuto Level up.]

[Swordsmanship Level up.]

Then I started to consume the goblins.

[Consume level up]    

[Skill Club mastery (Level:1) Acquired]


(That was fun..)

After defeating them I started to walk again my way.

There I found a cave so I entered inside.

What I found inside is monsters, many monsters many different kinds of them.

There's a zombie(undead) , skeleton, ghost,  and many more.

They are moving around like minding there own business.

(Hmm is this perhaps a dungeon?)

I used my Appraisal.

[Zorarch Dungeon]

(Hmm so it is huh...)

After observing the monsters for a while, while hiding in a rock.

(Ok let's wait for a monster who doesn't have any companion.)

There I found a zombie.


The zombie is getting closer to the rock.


The zombie is now within my reach.

I quickly grab it then decapitated it.

[Assassination Level up]

[Thanks for the food~]

I use my consume skill to the zombie.

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