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Skeleton Knight

HP: 45/45

Level: 10

(Hmm his level is higher but I think I can do something about it.)

I'm observing a Skeleton Knight whose sitting besides a grave.

While I observe it without being notice a skill has been acquired.

[Skill: Stealth (Level: 1) Acquired]  

It seems like it doesnt notice me yet.

(This skill is useful I guess.)  

I'll defeat it by a surprise attack.

I stealthly got close to the Skeleton Knight.

Then I bash the stone on my hand into it's head.


It's whole head has been crushed.

The Skeleton Knight's HP became 0 instantly.

(Well I defeated it by attacking its weakest spot so it died instantly I guess.)

[You Level Up.]

[Assassination (Level: 1) Skill Acquired]

(Hmm I got another useful skill again.)

(Then maybe I should do this pace until I grow up more.)


Name: Mononobe Yuuto

Race: Zombie

Age: 16

Job: Monster

Level: 9

HP: 98/98

MP: 999999999999/999999999999

Str: 18

Def: 20

Mag: 999999999999

Mnd: 999999999999

Agi: 30

End: None

Dex: 12


Consume (Level: 7)

Extreme Magic Mastery (Level: MAX)

Appraisal (Level: MAX)

Stealth (Level: 1)

Assassination (Level: 1)

Magic: None

Titles: None



(That goddess gaved me a cheat skill and stats but I can't even use it so what's the point of having it...?)

(I didn't learn any magic.. So I can't use it...)

(Sigh... But I guess I should just proceed huh...)

By the way I am Mononobe Yuuto, regarding for me I'm a zombie...

Well I'm used to be a human and died in my past life then got reincarnated here by the goddess as a zombie....

Honestly it's not that bad.

I don't feel hunger, pain or sleepy.

No that's what's bad about it...

It really feels like my humanity is slowly being erase after becoming like this...

When I became like this it feels like defeating monster is natural.

I didn't feel scared or fazed it feels like it's in my nature to kill other monsters for some unknown reasons...

So I started to defeat monsters and now here I am talking.

Well the truth is it's only been a day since I came in this world but I don't feel discomforted.

I think that this place is already natural to me but I still wondering why?

But one thing for sure my instinct tells me to consume every monsters that I defeat and become stronger.

I used my skill Consume to the Skeleton Knight.

[Skill Swordsmanship (level 1) Acquired.]

And after I did I also took its belongings and equip it.

(Wow this sword has some dent, rust and stuff but it's better than the rock earlier.)

(This leather armor is light but it's quite sturdy..)

(I'll also wear this gloves and boots than nothing.)

(This is better...)

I nodded to myself satisfiedly.

After equipping them all I decided to look for more monsters to defeat and to level up.

Well let's go back before all of this happened to me..




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