Chapter 1 - I became a Zombie?!

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A beautiful girl with the same school uniform as I called me.

[Oh Mii-chan, good morning you're early again today.]

I wave at her while smiling and greet her.

[Mou~ I was planning to wake you up that's why I woke up early but why do you always get ahead of me!~]


I scratch my head and laugh dryly because I don't know what to reply.

[Geez... By the way Yuu-kun after school I want you to go with me shopping because I can't carry all the things I will buy so....]

[So for short, you are inviting me to a date~]

I smile brightly while showing my thick skin.

Her face became red in an instant.

She began to hammer me using both of her hand.


[Ahahaha, sorry-sorry...]

Then after our friendly quarrel [Author: Oh you mean FLIRTING you damn RIAJUU!!] we began to walk our way again to school.

By the way Her name is Miharu she's my childhood friend, my neighbor and also my unrequited love.

I tried to confess to her many-many times but it always ends up as failure.

Whenever I try to something will happen and destroys my chance.

Like when the mood is good and I'm about to confess to her someone will intervene like something will fall from the sky, a person will trip in front of us or other unfortunate events that will surely kill the mood and destroys my chance..

But I'm planning to confess again with her this day and another chance has come again!

I won't give up I will succeed this time!



It's already time to go home I wave at Miharu and goes out together.

We shop a lot of stuffs like meat, vegetables and spices.

Apparently today is her little brothers birthday so she is going to cook a lot.

Also I'm invited, her parents and her brother is apparently fond of me.

They might actually know that I like Miharu but it seems she's the only one who doesn't have any idea about it, talk about denseness...

I hope today my confession succeeds...

We are now walking at a pedestrian way.

[Um Mii-chan before we go back can we go in a detour for a bit I have something to talk about.]

She tilts her head sidesway then nodded.

[Hmm... OK]

She said while brightly smiling.

We arrive at a cliff who's close to our home.

[Ahh the wind here is so good.]

She said while leaning at a metal bar for preventing people from falling at the cliff.

[This place sure is nostalgic we used to hangout and play here when we were kids~]

She said while looking at the horizon.

Then she slowly looked behind to face me.

[So Yuu-kun what are you going to talk about?]

She said while looking straight to me.

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