“You know, you really don’t have to be out here with me…” Rina murmured softly. Haruna looked over at the young brunette, cocking her head to the side. Rina had said that multiple times since she two girls had been wandering and Haruna always gave her the same answer. Haruna didn’t know why Rina kept saying it if Haruna kept reassuring her that she didn’t mind being out here to protect her. She would do anything for Rina.

“I’ve already told you, Rina. I don’t mind being out here; I want to be. I was the one who decided to do this, it’s not your idea at all so it’s not your fault,” Haruna responded in a calm manner. Rina made a soft whining noise but nodded her head nonetheless. She knew she should stop bothering Haruna about it but she still felt guilty that Haruna was going to be subjected to a night out here because of her. She thought of what happened last night and instantly got scared, she didn’t want Haruna going through that too.

The young brunette didn’t say anything after that. The duo fell into a silence, but it was a comfortable silence. Rina didn’t mind it and she got the feeling that Haruna didn’t either. The scared girl was walking as close as comfortably possible to Haruna. It was rare for Haruna to let Rina do this in public but the boss felt a responsibility to let it happen tonight. She knew Rina must be terrified after what had happened the night before and she certainly didn’t want anything like that happening again either. Rina wanted to reach out and grab Haruna’s hand but she knew the boss’ limits and she wasn’t going to push those limits.

The two girls continued to wander aimlessly about the streets of Tokyo. Haruna made sure to lead and she made sure to lead them in a way that wouldn’t take them far from the meeting place. Haruna wanted them to be close to it so they could have some type of shelter for the night. If she had her choice, she would have kept Rina in there the entire night but she knew that would just cause the young brunette’s mind to wander. Really, Haruna knew she was just leading the two girls in a looping circle but it was keeping Rina busy and keeping the young girl calm as well.

That’s what mattered right now.

Rina’s arms continued to swing at her sides until she heard her stomach let out an audible grumble. Her hands flew up to wrap themselves around her stomach and an embarrassed blush came to her face. Haruna raised an eyebrow at the noise that had come from her girlfriend.

“Is it safe to assume this means you’re hungry?”

“It would appear that way,” Rina said with a nervous chuckle. She let her hands drop, raising one to scratch the back of her head nervously. Haruna didn’t try to stop the small smile that ghosted across her face. “I haven’t eaten in a day.” That was all it took for Haruna to regain her emotionless expression.

“What do you mean you haven’t eaten in a day?” Haruna had stopped walking now and she could see the way Rina’s body tensed from the low tone Haruna had used.

“I didn’t-I didn’t have anything to eat yesterday and I haven’t had time to find anything today….” Rina admitted. Haruna sighed softly, running a hand through her hair. She looked around the area, her eyes moving past the people walking on the streets and the people huddled against the buildings. Her eyes did stop on one building in particular, a small looking convenience store. That would be perfect.

“Come on then,” Haruna said. She began walking off and heard a small squeak come from Rina who no doubt was caught off guard by Haruna’s sudden movement. She had to rush a bit to catch up to Haruna but she did so quickly, not wishing to be left on the streets alone again.

When the girls got over to the store, Haruna pushed Rina up against the building lightly and ordered her to stay. Rina wasn’t given a chance to question it or reject the idea as Haruna had walked into the store immediately after giving the order. The young girl left behind huffed and pressed herself as much against the wall as she could, her terrified brown irises eyeing every person that passed her.

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