Chapter 6 - Multiple Divergences

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Honey, don't go

Don't leave this scene

Be out of the picture

And off of the screen

Don't let them say

We told you so

They tell me you love me

And then let me go

I heard the warnin' voice

From friends and my relations

They tell me all about your

Heartbreak reputation

-- Being with You (Smokey Robinson)


"I've swallowed the dose of trichronium," Donald said, "I'm ready to go."

"Good," Milton said, fiddling with the controls on the Temporal Enhancer. Donald was whisked away, to October sixth of 1981. Cairo.

"Me next?" Helen asked. She had a vial of trichronium in her hand.

"Yes. Just let me reset the controls, or else you'll end up with him," Milton said.


"Okay, all set," he said, "and when you two get back, he'll go to 1998 and you and I will go get a time ship."

She swallowed the contents of the vial. "Y'know, it tastes a little like cantaloupe."

"Good to know. Enjoy April twentieth, 2010."

"See ya, Daddy."


Otra was standing in her office, musing. Levi Cavendish was nearby, staring at his PADD. "Whatcha doin'?" she asked.

"There's one more paragraph of the Manifesto file. It's the third one, the longest one. No one's cracked it yet."

"Do you have anything yet?"

"Nothing," he said.

She was about to answer when her eyes rolled up into her head, and her chavecoi turned a dark purple. Levi didn't see this, but he did look up when he heard her body hit the floor.

"Boris!" he yelled into his implanted Communicator. "Otra's having a vision!"

"I'll alert Carmen," Boris replied as he began to run over to Otra's office.


They met in Conference Room six, which was big enough for such a large department. There were alarms going off as the computers began to compile and analyze yottabytes of data that were coming in, due to the change.

"What have you seen?" Carmen asked Otra.

"It's funny. When Milton Walker had me, he would ask me that. It was every single day, I believe."

"Well, you're among friends now," Carmen assured her.

"Are you seeing anything, Marisol?" Otra asked. Marisol purportedly had a bit of Otra's gift but, the truth was, that was a ploy to get and keep her – Marisol, that is – employed by the Temporal Integrity Commission. In reality, Marisol had no more of the gift than Crystal or HD did.

"It is unclear," Marisol said cautiously. "It seems like, it is pyramids." Marisol knew about the missions regarding oil, but she did not know the details. This was to keep the Perfectionists' organization safe in case she was ever brought in for questioning. But it did handicap her when she was asked these kinds of questions.

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