Chapter 20 - About Milena

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Now whip it

into shape

-- Devo (Whip It)


In Cairo, the following day, the sun shone. It was a perfect day for a parade. "Well, this is it," Rick said, stretching and yawning. They had slept in the Wells. The women had shared the big bed; he'd made do with the pilot's chair.

"So far, I think she's working out pretty well," Polly said, referring to Alice. She noticed Rick staring and then quickly added, "She's in the shower; I doubt she can hear us."

"Ah, good. Polly, when we get back, can I talk to you a bit?"

"Of course."

"It's about someone I met in my travels."

"I see," she said, "I take it this is someone who's proven to be more important that you had originally thought she would be."

"That's it exactly," he said, "I can't get her out of my mind."

"Well, I can't promise that you'll forget her, or even that you'll feel better at all," Polly said, "but I can promise you that I'll listen."

"Thanks for being honest with me."


"You really mean that?" Kevin asked.

"Listen," Josie said, "I don't want to be dead and I don't want you to be gone from our marriage. Kindly do not misunderstand me. But I think, well, it's an odd gift that you and I have been given here. I feel that we have a chance here. I suppose I have a chance to tell you what I would have always wanted to tell you, under such circumstances."

"And me," he said, "I have the chance to, again, tell you how much I love you."


"You've gotta make this company," Sheilagh said to Larry and Sergey.

"Google's gonna be huge," HD concurred.


"I refuse to kill Grant," Dan said, "and, furthermore, I refuse to let you do it, either."

"Oh, really?" asked Marisol, "How comfortable are you with information about your Section 31 work being broadcast around?"

"Talk all you want to," he called her bluff, "the Powers that Be know that I work for the Section. As for the rest of them, they're gonna figure that someone would be placed at the Commission. I don't care if you tell them. Go ahead. Knock yourself out."

"And if it comes out that you are a member of the Perfectionists' movement?"

"Go ahead," he repeated, "I've got plausible deniability," he exaggerated, but tried not to let that show, "Are you done? I've lost my appetite."

"Oh, I am enjoying myself," she said, smiling. "Waiter, another plate of gnocchi, please."


They arrived at the parade on time. "We'll watch from here," Rick said, "and be sure to duck when the shooting starts. Bullets plus stem cell growth accelerator makes for a pretty painful combination."

"I don't think you'll have to remind either of us to duck," Polly said, "I get the feeling we'll do so without being told."

"Of course, I'm just making sure," he said, "over there, see?"

Alice scanned the area, "Where?"

"I can't point; it's too risky," he said, "But look straight ahead, and then around fifteen degrees to your left. See that guy?"

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