Chapter 19

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Recap: Fab 4 and Manik saw each other and they were shocked.


After photography session Abhimanyu turned to fab 4.

Abhimanyu: Guys I told you about another best friend of mine. He is here Manik. You guys haven't met, right? Let me introduce you.

Abhimayu turned towards other side to call Manik.

But before that Manik excused himself as he got a phone call. He left while taking the call without saying a word.

Nandini: Manik.. Manik..

Nandini called him but he just disappeared in the crowd.

Abhimanyu: I think he got an important call. Anyways... Thank you all for coming.

All one by one congratulated the couple and got engaged in conversation but Nandini's eyes were searching for Manik. She was about to move in search for him when her few friends came to meet her. Again, she got busy. Nandini was physically present with them but her mind was thinking about Manik.

Nandini's POV

"Kaha chala ye Manik.. Photo nikaleneke baad achank se gayab hi ho gaya.. Adha ghanta ho gaya hai.. abhi to lunch bhi shuru hoga.. he is not even picking up his phone.. kaha dhundhu?"

End of POV

Nandini saw Navya and thought to ask her.

Nandini: Navya...

Navya: Ha.. Nandu.. where were you? And where is Manik?

Nandini: Even I don't know Navya. Have you seen him anywhere?

Navya: No... call him..

Nandini: I did that.. but no use.. he is not picking it up.

Navya: Okay.. koi baat nhi.. He must be somewhere around.. and come fast okay?

Nandini just nodded. She excused herself from her friends and started looking for Manik. She searched for him again in that area. She headed towards the garden area where the lunch was arranged. He was nowhere. Then she thought to go at the back side of church and there he was. His back was facing her. Nandini moved near him and placed her hand on his shoulder. It didn't take him a second to recognize her touch but Manik didn't turned. He stood in same position sipping from his glass of wine engrossed in his own thoughts.

Manik's POV

Why my life always takes a roller-coaster ride. I came here in London for a reason. I was happy but my happiness didn't last much. Then I met an accident. I was very disturbed emotionally and yes after that accident physically too. My angel my Nandini pulled me out of the darkness, she showed me how to be happy. I started forgetting my past. I was enjoying my present with my angel. And now I have found the love of my life and I can see my future with her. Sometime back I was happiest person in the world but now my past has brought all the painful memories.

End of POV

Getting no response from him Nandini slowly entwined there hands and made him turn towards her. He was still not looking straight at her. So Nandini cupped his face and made him look at her. His eyes showed anger+hurt.

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