Chapter 8

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After biding bye to NavBhi Nandini called Manik but in return got no response from him. So she stepped into his room. She saw he was standing near the window gazing the stars. 

Nandini moved towards him and called him softly
Nan: Manik..
Manik quickly wiped his tears but didn't turn.
Nan: Manik.. Kya hua dekho meri taraf...
She kept her hand on his shoulder.
He jerked her hand.
Nandini was shocked.
Nan: Manik kuch to bolo...
Manik turned toward her.
His eyes were red.
Nan: Manik why are you crying tell me na what happend?
She tried to cup his face but he again jerked her hands.
Man: Why did you saved me? Why didn't you let me die? What do you want?
Nan: Manik..
Man: I don't want to live. Everyone leaves me.. I thought you won't but even you acted like those jerks.
In anger Manik punch the wall. His hand got hurt and started bleeding.
Nan: Manik tumhara haat.. Its bleeding... Kyun kiya tumne aise? Kya hua hai Manik?
She held his hand. But manik moved towards other side.
Man: Wohi to mai puch raha hun kyun kiya tumne aisa?? And stop showing your fake concern.
Nandini was hurt by his words but she didn't give up. She pulled Manik and made him sit on the bed. Tears made their way from her eyes.
Nan: Manik..
Man: Sab muze Chod kar chal gaye.. Ab tum bhi..
Nan: No Manik mai yahi hu tumhare paas... Kabhi nhi jaungi tumhe chod kar
Man: Wo Maine dekh liya abhi Nandini. Tumhe mai yaad bhi tha jab tumhare dost aaye the?
Nandini reaslied he felt left out.
By now Manik started crying a baby. He was continuously blabbring.
Man: Sab chalel gaye... Ab tum bhi jaogi... Mai firse akela ho jaunga...
Nandini took him in embrace.
Nan: No Manik.. I won't leave you... Trust me...
Manik was sobbing hard.
For the first time Nandini saw this vulnerable side of him. She came to know that something in his past is forcing him to say this. He hugged her tightly and cried. Nandini held his face and made him to look at her. Fear,  sadnesses was clearly seen on his face.
Nan: Manik.. Bolo kya hua?
Man: Tum.. Tumhare friends aaye to tum muze bhul gayi na.. Tumne muze ignore kiya...
Nan: Nhi Manik aisa nhi hai..
Nan: I will never leave you alone Manik...
Man: promise me... Tum phirse aise nhi karogi...
Nan: Yes, I promise you.. Mai tumhare saath rahungi HAMESHA.
She touched his cheeks to wipe his tears then she felt his temple is burning.
Nan: Manik tumhe toh fever hai...
She made him lie on the bed and covered him with quilt. She left to get a firstaid kit and a bowl cold water with a cloth. 
She dipped the cloth in cold water and kept it on his head and bandagd his hand.
Manik held her hand tightly. He was still mummering in sleep " Please don't leave me"
Nan: Manik shaant ho jao... Mai kahi nhi jaungi..
She patted his head.
For the whole night she sat beside him and kept on checking his temperature time to time while keeping the wet cloth on his forehead. In morning his temperature became normal. Nandini felt relief and got up for morning chores. She came to her room and got ready; prepared breakfast. Then she went to check Manik he was still sleeping. She informed in hospital that she will be late today. She sat beside Manik on the floor waiting for him to wake up. She took support of her hand and rested her chin on the bed. Unknowingly she slept in that position.
In afternoon( 12.30 P.M.) Manik opened his eyes and looked outside when he realized it was noon. He became amazed that how can he sleep this much. Then he turned to other side and saw Nandini sitting on the floor her head was buried in the bed, holding his hand. He called her in a low voice.
Man: Nandini.. Nandini..
Nandini woke up her eyes were puffy which indicated she hasn't slept in night. Nandini got up and checked his forehead.
Nan: Acha hua temperature utar gaya... Kaisa lag raha hai ab tumhe?
Man: Better
He smiled.
Nan: Good! Acha tum fresh ho jao mai tumhare liye kuch leke aati hun.
Saying this she went to kitchen and and Manik moved to washroom. Nandini came back with a bowl of hot soup.
Manik sat on the bed and Nandini forwarded the bowl to him. Like a kid Manik made faces and nodded in no.
Nan: Kya hai Manik.. Chalo jaldi se khatam karo.
Man: Muze yeh nhi pina ye bohot tasteless hota hai.
Nan: No Manik... Tum bimaar ho.. Chalo jaldi khatam karo..
Man: Muze ek baat samaz me nhi aati humesha bemaro wala khana itna tasteless kyun hota hai.. Khana dekh kr koi aur beemar ho jayega.. Yeh Doctors bhi na kuch bhi karte hai.
Now Nandini gave a serious look. Her doctor mode was on.
Nan: Shut up Manik. Mai tumhari koi baat nhi sunane wali... Chup chap ise piyo... Warna tumhe pura week sirf yehi milega.
Manik gave horrified expressions.
Still he was not ready to have the soup. Nandini took a spoonful of soup near his mouth. Manik again nodded in no. This time Nandini gave him an angry look. And Manik gulped the soup making bad faces.
Nan: Chalo ab ye lo.
Man: No.. Agar tum Muze khilaogi to hi mai ye khatam karunga...
Nan: Jiddi..
She started feeding him. Soon he finished the soup.
Man: Nandini tumhe aaj hospital nhi Jana?
Nan: Late ja rahi hun..
Man: Kyun?
Nan: Manik mai abhi aayi..
She went to her room and Manik started following her.
Nandini didn't notice him and turned and banged in his chest.
He held her by waist and she took support of his chest. His hands touched her bare waist as she was wearing a crop top. They had a cute eyelock. Nandini was the first one who came back to senses.
Nan: Manik. muze.. Jana hai..
Manik still looking in her eyes.
Man: Ha to jao na..
Nandini waved her hand in front of his face.
Nan: Chodo to sahi..
Manik came to his senses and immediately left her.
Man: Sorry.. Mai wo..
Meanwhile Nandini grabbed her bag and phone and headed towards the main door. She called Manik and he came there.
Nan: Manik tum na..
Man: Waqt pr khana... Khane k baad medicine lena..kahi Jana mat.. Take care...
He said mimicking her.
Nandini slapped his shoulder playfully.
Nan: Accha now bye. See you at night.
Nandini was about to go when Manik held her hand. She turned and raised her eyebrows asking him what.
Man: You cannot go like this.
He came close to her. Nandini took a few steps back and hit the wall.

Nan: K..kyun Manik...?

She asked while stammering.  Manik was looking straight into her eyes and she was lost in his chocolate brown eyes. Manik smiled Evilly.
Man: Kyun ki Nandini... Tum car keys lena bhul gayi ho.. Iske bina Kaise jaogi?
And he waved the car keys in front of her face. Manik started laughing loudly.
Man: Hahaha.. Look at your face..
Nandini gave an angry glare and pushed him a little. She grabbed the keys.
Nan: Tum bohot bure ho.. Muze tumse baat nhi karni...
Saying this she left from there.
Manik smilingly shouted "Take care", closed the door and went to his room.  

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