Chapter 16

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Nandini and Mukti laughed on her statement but not for so long. They stopped soon as they heard.


Mukti looked in that direction with a shocked face and Nandini with a confused face. There was a silence for two minutes when Nandini broke it.

Nandini: What's going on guys?

Mukti: Nandini who is he? Mai usse nhi janti...

Nandini: huh? What?

Nandini made a confused face.

Mukti called Nandini near her and whispered something in her ears. Listening to this Nandini made an 'O' face. All the while the person standing in front of them was looking at Mukti.
Mukti was irritated by now.

Mukti: Please will you mind going from here?

Person: No, Why should I?

Mukti: Because this is my food. You better eat your own. You get that CABIR.





And yes yes that person is Cabir not Manik. Actually, he shouted because he saw Mukti having some tasty breakfast all alone.

(Sorry dear VidhiArora686 your guess was wrong)

Cabir: This is not fair okay?

Cabir sat on the chair and took a piece from Mukti's plate.

Mukti: Don't you dare. Go.....

Cabir: Not before eating this.

Nandini smiled seeing them.

Nandini: Don't fight guys. I'll make some more.

Nandini got up and went back to kitchen. Here Mukti and Cabir kept on fighting till Cabir ate the last piece. Before Mukti could catch him, he slipped from her grip and ran in kitchen.

Cabir: Nandu, I want to kiss your hands, may I?

Nandu: Why?

Cabir: Kyunki tum itna accha khana banati ho.

He took her both palms in his hands and kissed them. Nandini just smiled and slapped his head. There moment was broken when they heard.

"Kya kisi ne yaha khane ki baat ki?"

Both turned in the direction to see two figures staring at them.

Yes, they were Alya and Dhruv- A cute lovey dovey couple.

Alya: Good morning Nandini.

Nandini: Good morning Alya and Dhruv. Go sit outside. I'll just get the breakfast for you.

Cabir: Yeah, I'll help her.

Alya and dhruv nodded and joined Mukti on dining table. Within some time Nandini and Cabir appeared with the yummy Firattas.

Dhruv (while eating): This is delicious.

Alya: Bingo!

Cabir: Nandu, tum meri baat suno. Tum ye doctor ka kaam chod do aur chef ban jaao. Mere paas ek bohot accha plan hai?

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