Chapter 9

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It was noon Manik was lying in his room with his laptop doing some office work. Suddenly something stuck in his mind and he dialled a number. The call was picked up after a few rings.
Manik: Hello Sameer.
Sameer: Manik sir... Sir aap kaha ho? Kaise ho? Aap kaha the ithe din se? Sir...
Manik: Sameer chup raho... Aur meri baat suno!
Sameer: Sorry sir mai wo... How are you sir?
Manik: I am fine Sameer. How are you? How is the work going on?
Sameer: I am good sir and the work is going good.
Manik: Okay now listen to me.. I am in London. I met an accident. But now I am fine.
Sameer: Oh My God sir.. But how it all happened?
Manik narrated the whole incident from accident to staying with Nandini.
Sameer: Take care sir... When are you coming back?
"Never" Manik said in a low tone.
Sameer: What?
Manik: I don't know Sameer. But right now I will handle everything from here itself. You start scheduling everything and inform me.
Sameer: Sure.. We all are missing you sir.. Take care.
Manik: You too.
And he hung up the call and diverted his attention in work.
His phone buzzed it was a text from Nandini.
" Hey"
"Hi" Manik replied.
" Kaise ho? Had lunch?"
Manik read it and cursed himself for forgetting about lunch.
He kept his work aside and ran into kitchen, warmed the food came back with a plate full of food.
"Yes its yummy" he replied.
"To janab ko abhi yaad aya ha? " Nandini texted back.
Sensing her anger Manik called her.
Before she could say anything "Womainkaamkarrahathatoyaadhinhiaayasorry" Manik said in one breath.
Nandini laughed at his cuteness.
Manik: Tum humesha muzpe hasti ho..
Nandini: You are such a kid! Acha medicines le lena.
Manik: Hmmm
Nandini: Kya hmmm?
Manik: Kuch nhi.
Nandini: Acha chalo baadme baat krti hun. Bye Manik.
Manik: Bye.
Manik finished his lunch and came to Nandini's room in search of tablets. He checked all the drawers but couldn't find it. He opened her wardrobe and starting searching.
His eyes stopped on a place where he saw a pink coloured decorated box with PRINCESS written on it. He couldn't resist himself and pulled the box out only to scatter the things from the box.
Manik: Ohh... God..
He sat down and started collecting everything. There were few cards, a silver bracelet, white cute baby socks, anklets having shining stars and small gift boxes.
Manik smiled looking at those things and kept them back. Then he saw a paper role and grabbed it.
"For my Princess" he read. First he thought to keep it back but then without thinking for a second he opened it. Manik started reading it. He smiled at first and let out few chuckles but soon his face became shocked. A lone tear escaped from his eye and fell on the paper. Manik read the whole thing and stared at it blankly. He didn't realis for how long he sat like that. His trance was broken when he heard constant ringing of the doorbell.
Manik swiftly wiped off his tears and opened the door. It was Navya.
Navya: Manik, what is wrong with you kabse I was ringing the bell.
Manik: Sorry mai wo.. Mai wo..
Navya saw his eyes and got worried.
Navya: Manik tum ro rahe the? Kya hua? She made him sit on the couch.
Manik didn't say anything just handed her those papers. Navya had a look on them. She knew everything.
Manik: Navya kya ye sab sach hai?
Navya: Ha Manik ye sach hai! Nandini had been through a lot.
Manik: Maine ye kabhi socha bhi nhi tha!
Navya: She never shows the pain inside her and always finds her happiness in others happiness. Wo apne parents ko bohot miss karti hai Manik.
Manik: I know us din she was crying badly I never saw her like that.
Manik narrated the London eye incident.
Navya: She needs to be healed Manik.
Manik: Don't worry Navya... I will heal her. I will never leave her alone. I will be there for her forever!
Navya understood how Manik and Nandini's bond building. She became happy for her friend who now have someone in her life who will always be there for her.
Manik again looked at the letter and saw the date written on it!
Manik shouted.
Manik: Navya kal Nandini ka Birthday hai?
Navya: Yes, pr wo apna birthday kabhi celebrate nahi karti. Humne usse samzane ki bohot koshish ki.. but it was of no use.
Manik: To iss baar mai usse manake hi rahunga.. aur kal hum sab milke Nandini ka birthday celebrate karenge.
Navya: I am sure you will convince her.
Manik smiled.
Manik: Waise tum yaha aayi? Kuch kaam tha?
Navya: Ha wo ye dena tha Nandu ke liye.
She handed him a bag.
Navya: Tum usse de dena. Chalo ab mai chalti hun.
Manik: Are tum coffee logi?
Navya: Nahi Manik Thank You... Muze hospital jana hai..
Manik: Okay. I'll call you to discuss the plan.
Navya: Yes, sure! Bye Manik. Take care.
Manik: Bye bye Navya.
Navya left. Manik closed the door and came back to Nandini's room. He kept everything at its place and started planning for the surprise.
10.30 PM in Hospital
Here Nandini was busy in her work. Her phone beeped.
She saw Manik's message and opened it.
"Hey Nandini I had my dinner and medicines. Your dinner is kept in fridge please have it once you come home. I am feeling very sleepy. I hope you have your keys or else give me a call when you arrive. Bye good night. Miss me. ;)"
Nandini: Pagal!
She smiled and resumed her work.
After another one hour she left for home.
She thought of not to disturb Manik and opened the door with her keys. She slowly went near her room and opened the door. It was dark. She switched on the lights. She was shocked to see her room. The clock showed 12. Manik came and hugged her from behind.
"Happy Birthday Beautiful" He whispered in her ears.
Nandini freed herself and pushed him away. Manik just looked at her, anger was clearly visible on her face.
Nandini: How dare you do that? Who gave you the right to interfere in my life?
Manik: Nan.. Nandini...
Nandini: Just shut up and leave!
Manik was hurt he immediately left to his room and slamming the door behind.

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