Chapter 6

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In the evening

Nandini called Manik and informed him that she will be late as there is an emergency in the hospital. Manik became sad but agreed. Manik decided to prepare dinner and surprise Nandini. He decided to prepare Chinese, with the help of internet, he prepared noodles. He arranged dinner on dining table and moved towards his room to take shower. After taking shower he got ready. He sat in the living room while watching tv.

Nandini came around 11pm. She was tired. First she decided to take long shower before dinner. When she was moving towards her room she saw that Manik was sleeping on the sofa. she came near him and started waking him up.

Nandini: Manik.. utho aur ander jake so jao.

Manik shifted his head to her lap.

Manik: Nandini ...plz so ne do na..

Nandini: Nahi. utho jaldi se.

Nandini was stroking his hair gently. After good 15 minutes he woke up. Nandini smiled seeing his behaviour.

Manik: Nandini.. bhuk lagi hain. Jaldi se chalo na khana khate hain.

Nandini: Manik what is this? Tumne khana kyu nahi khaya. I told you I will be late. Tumhe medicines bhi khani hain. You are very careless.

Manik: Sorry Nandini..plz abhi khate hain na.

Nandini: Okay thik hai. Chalo main fresh hoke ati hu aur khuch jaldi se khane keliye banati hu.

Manik: I have already prepared dinner for us. Ab jaldi fresh hoke aao. Main khana garam karta hu.

Nandini came after freshening up. Manik was already sitting on dining table.

They started their dinner. Nandini praised Manik for his culinary skills.

After dinner Nandini cleaned utensils and Manik was helping her.

Nandini: Manik.. tomorrow I have planned day out. I have taken leave. So be ready at 7am.

Manik: Wow Nandini! I am excited. Main bore ho jata hu ghar pe. Finally, I am going out.

They talked for some time and left to their respective rooms.

Next morning

Nandini's sleep got disturbed by loud sound of alarm. Nandini got up after turning off the alarm. She went into the bathroom to freshen up. She took shower and got ready in casuals.

                                                                        Nandini's outfit

                                                                        Nandini's outfit

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First she decided to wake up Manik. After lot of cribbing Manik left for shower.

Nandini moved into kitchen to prepare breakfast. She prepared coffee and omelette for both of them. She also packed some sandwiches. Manik also got ready in casuals and came in the leaving room. Both finished their breakfast quickly and left for outing.

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