Chapter 21

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This is a short recap so that you guys can get a link.

Manik shared his past with Nandini. He came to know about his parent's demise. Raj and Neyonika are not his real parents. Mr. Dhawan was involved with Raj along with Fab 4. Manik left India and came to London for a fresh start in his dad's business.

If you all still can't recollect I'll request you all to refer the earlier chapter.


Alya, Dhruv and Cabir came to their suits in hotel. Cabir straight away went to his room while Dhrulya went to their room.

Dhruv: Alya baby calm down.. Waha Cabir aur yaha ab tum gussa ho?

Alya: You are telling me to calm down... dekha nhi tumne waha kya hua?

Dhruv: Alya.... Mai toh bs...

Alya: Uski side le rahe the? Jaise pehele bhi li thi??

Dhruv: No Alya..

Alya: I'm going to tell everything to Mukti.

Dhruv: No please don't involve her in this.

Alya dialled Mukti's number and told her everything.

Mukti: Mujhe is baareme baat nhi karni hai Alya... You also don't think about this and sleep... it's too late.

Alya: Fine. Good night.

Alya disconnected the call and slept. Here Dhruv was standing in the balcony attached to their room.

Dhruv's POV

Us din ke baad mujhe laga tha ab hum kabhi nhi milenge buddy... mujhe laga hum tumhari aawaj kabhi sun paenge bhi ya nhi! Pr aaj pata nhi kyun I'm very happy after listening to you. Tu aaj bhi waisahi hai buddy... waisahi hai... Kal teri aur Abhimanyu ki dosti dekh kr mujhe purane din yaad aagaye...

Dhruv went in his memory lane.


A young guy was marching towards another guy who was busy in tuning his guitar.

Guy 1: I hate you...

He came and started hitting the other guy.

Guy 2: Abey pagal hai kya? Kya kar raha hai?

Guy 1: Pagal mai nhi pagal tum ho gaye ho! Kya jarurat thi waha jhagda kanreki? Tumhe kuch ho jata to? I know tum galat hota hua nhi dekh sakte but...

Guy 2: Bas bas I'm fine kuch nhi hua hai mujhe..

And he turned towards the other guy. He was none other than Manik. And the other guy was Dhruv.

Dhruv hugged Manik and both got busy in tunning his guitars.

Manik was about to sit on a stool but something went wrong and he was about to fall.

Dhruv: Manik sambhal ke...

And Dhruv came to reality... there was no one in front of him.

Wiping his silent tears and lied beside Alya. She was sleeping with a frown on her face. Dhruv kissed her forehead and wrapped his arms around her. In sleep she did move a little and hugged him back. Thinking about what is currently going on in their lives he too slept.

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