Chapter 20

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An update in less than a week. Even I am excited to know your reaction when you come to the truth. So here the update! Hope you like it.  Inline comments are welcome.

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Nandini: Us tape me kya tha?

Manik: That tape revealed many more truths of my life.

Nandini looked at him in confusion. Manik continued.

Manik: Maine dadu ka tape chalaya.. but usme poem nhi tha... Dadu had recorded that tape for me. He told me that I'm not Raj and Nyonika Malhotra's son. I was again shattered on hearing the same thing. Dadu had an elder son Punit Malhotra. His wife Deepika Malhotra. They used to live here in London. He had a very small business here but Dadu wanted them to stay with them so he handed his business to his friend and shifted to India. They all were a happy family. My parents got married I mean the one I used consider as my parents. Later Punit and Deepika Malhotra were blessed with a son they named him as Manik.

Nandini: Where are they now?

Manik: Dadu said that they died in an accident and at that time I was less than an year old. So, Raj and Nyonika Malhotra took my responsibility and raised me up. They also decided not to have their own child so that their love for me doesn't get divided. I became happy knowing that. But later part again took my happiness. Dadu told me that he always wanted me to join the family business. He even transferred 55% of the property on my name. Raj Malhotra wasn't happy with this. He wanted all the property. He even tried to convince dadu but dadu denied and remained firm on his decisions. Raj Malhotra tried everything and he kept me away from business and everything related to business. Dadu knew his tricks. He was very well aware of his son's evil brain. He was sure that Raj Malhotra will also attempt to kill me. How can someone stand so low Nandini. If he would have asked me I would have happily given him everything.

Nandini: Fir kya hua Manik?

Manik: Dadu told me that my dad- Punit Malhotra still has some of business in London about which Raj Malhotra doesn't know. So dadu gave me his lawyer's number and asked me to permanently shift there. That's why I moved here and I'm glad I did that. I met you and now I don't want anyone else in my life. At the end of the tape dadu blessed me and promised me to stay with me forever.

Manik started crying again.

Nandini: He is with you Mani, he must be looking at you right now. Do you think he would be happy you in this state?

He nodded in no.

Nandini: Of course not. Now come here.

Saying this she made him stand and took him to the washroom she washed his face and then wiped it with a towel. She made him sit on the bed and gave him a glass of water while she took out his vest and tracks for him to change.

Nandini: Change karlo and so jao.

Manik was in thoughts. Nandini shook him a bit and handed him his clothes. She moved and took the tray of untouched coffee mugs. Manik saw her moving out, ran hurriedly and hugged her.

Manik: Mat jao na please.

Nandini: Mani, tum change toh karlo mai ye rakh kr wapas aa jaungi.

Manik: No koi jarurat nhi hai rakh do yehi pr.

Manik took the tray and kept back on side table.

Manik: Now stay!

Nandini: I'll go so that you can change quickly and then I'll come back.

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