2.k!!!🎉🎊 part 2 + bts texts

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You: yoongi

No reply

You: yoooo yoongi?

No reply

You: please answer *pout*


y/n: I uh I was just gonna tell u to have a hood concert and I love you...

Y/n: but I see your in a bad mood so I'll go

Yoongi: no no no no no

Yoongi: y/n come back

No reply

Yoongi: please?

No reply

Yoongi: please y/n I'm sorry I am just so tired and I got annoyed with the members earlier

Yoongi: I didn't mean to put it on you

You: AHAHA I know! I just didn't reply to see your reaction hehe

Yoongi: Y/n don't do that

Yoongi: you made me believe you were upset babe

Y/n: HAHA u worry about meeeeee

Yoongi: OFC I DO

Yoongi: your the love of my life

You: I love you too



Jungkook: y/n

You: yes?

Jungkook: well you've been so caring and kind to me. You've dealt with all my issues and this idol thing and u even gave me a little girl! I couldn't be more happy.I'm glad your by my side

You: awww thx kookie and I'll stay by your side for as long as you need

Jungkook: and that's exactly why I got u a special gift

You: wat is it!?



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You: omg kookie THANK U

you: I'm literally crying (≧∇≦)/

Jungkook: lol your so cute

You: our daughter is gonna love it!

Jungkook: oh she does!


You: aww our cutie (〜^∇^)〜

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You: aww our cutie (〜^∇^)〜

You: I'm coming home right now!

Jungkook: good.

you: I love uuuuu

Jungkook: I love u too y/n ah


Sunny boy🌞

A/N: you two are one of those cheesy and fun couples

Hobi: hello my beautiful cuppy cake

You: hehe I love it when u call me that ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

Hobi: I know ;)

Hobi: but anyway I have to ask you somethin y/n

You: hm?

Hobi: do u think I look like a horse

You: pfff HAHAHAHA

You: duh

Hobi: oh...╥﹏╥

you: but your my horse and I love it that way

Hobi: I'm your horse eh?

You: yuuup!

Hobi: so u would ride me? ;)))



you: aish that boy

Hobi: well its not his fault

Hobi: I just cant help myself around you (^v^)

You: I don't know wether to say thx or ew


chimy chunka

A/N: jimin has a HUGE crush on you

You: hi my Chimy

Jimin: * omg she just called me her chimy*

Jimin: oh...um hi

Y/n: I saw u staring at me in class today

Jimin: * shiz she noticed*

Jimin: uh yea sorry abt that

Y/n: no its fine

Jimin:* phew*

Y/n: I like it when you stare at me

Jimin: * screams in pillow*

Jimin: I- um....

Y/n: your so cute LOL

Y/n: we should talk more often

Jimin: urm y-yea

Y/n: maybe we could become more than friends ;)

Y/n: see ya! ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Jimin: * screams in pillow twice as hard*


Annnd done! I thought these were kinda good I'm proud of myself hehe. By glowers💙💙💙

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