yoongi double trouble pt.2

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"Its another girl!"


Y/n P.O.V.

It was dark. I couldn't move without feeling pain. I heard shuffling next to me. I open my eyes to see....yoongi!

He was putting a baby in my arms.
"Glad your awake." yoongi says in a soft tone trying not to wake up the baby's.

Your eyes light up.

"y-yoongi...are these our children?" you say with excitement. He chuckles at your reaction. "Yes y/n these are ours." he says with a grin.

You smile ear to ear.

Yoongi places the  other baby on the other side of your arm. "They're so beautiful." you cradle them both in your arms.

"What should we call them?."
"Hmm....Min Jee and Min Ree. (Idk y I chose dos names I just like em)


~4 years later cuz I'm lazy~

~4 years later cuz I'm lazy~

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          Min Jee.                 Min Ree

Min Ree P.O.V.

Me and my sister jee jee (her nickname) were sitting behind the couch. I bet your wondering why? Well we're playing hide and seek with daddy~

"Hic". I freeze and  look to my sister jee jee to see her covering her mouth. "Shhhh daddy will find us!" I say in a whisper. "Sowy" she whispers back.

Yoongi P.O.V.

I was searching for jee jee and ree until I heard a hic up. I stop and look around slowly. I see a small foot peeking out from behind the couch. "AAAAH!" ree screams. I flip her on my back and i grab jee jee by the waist.

"nooooo" she giggles. "phew i'm too old for this" I breath out. "sowy daddy" ree says and pats my head. "it's fine , now go pick up your toys in your room. "yes daddy!" (that sounds  weird) they both run up stairs to their room.

I threw myself on the couch and close my eyes. Suddenly i felt a pair of lips on my forehead. I look up to see my love y/n. I immediately get up and hug her. "sorry i left you with the kids for a while." she says. " haha it's fine"

"you don't look fine" she laughs. "well i am." then i pull her into a kiss. "eeewwww" I look back to see jee jee and ree giggling. "come here you two!" I pick them up and threw them on the couch but not too rough. they laugh loudly.

I grab y/n's waist and i bring her to the couch also. We were all sitting on the couch, the twins in y/n's lap and me beside her. I look at them and think

'how did i become so lucky?'

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