Namjoon °Meeting the fam°

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Namjoon P.O.V
"Joonie are you sure about this?" y/n says in a worried tone. "Babe chill I'm pretty sure meeting your family won't be that hard" I say while putting on my shoes. Y/n was STILL fixing her hair. "Your hair is beautiful come on we're gonna be late!" i say "ugh fine I'll fix it in the car" y/n huffed frustrated with her hair.

*In the car*
I was coming to a stop light, I look over to y/n to see her worried expression. I put my hand on her bare thigh and give it a light squeeze. She had a mid thigh length simple black dress. "Princess what's wrong?"
She sighs "I'm just nervous I'll be fine." I scrunch my eyebrows together "okay" I give her a peck on her forehead to cheer her up a little. She smiled shyly, I love her smile.

Y/n P.O.V
He sure knows how to cheer me up, we arrive at me parents house, I was hella nervous. What if they don't like him? We knock on the front door and out comes my sister. You would call her a flirt but I call her a MAN STEALING  HOÊ- "ohhh hey sis nice to see ya!" she says with a grin, wow she's so fake. She turns to namjoon "and hello there sir" she says in a seductive tone.

"Hey?" namjoon says ( let's call your sister snake) snake folded her arms so her BoObiEs could pop out more. "You're veryyy handsome ya'know" snake says with a stupid a$$ smirk. I get jealous so I grab namjoons hand and push through the door making snake stumble backwards. "Mom! Dad! We're here!"

The most beautiful woman I've ever seen comes out the kitchen, my mom. "Y/n-ie my darling!" she runs to me and hugs me tightly I missed her hugs. My mom and I always had a good bond, I wish I could say the same for my dad...he comes out the kitchen also. "Dad!" I go to hug him but he walks right past me. "Its okay honey he's just a bit grumpy" mom says while patting my shoulders.

He's been "grumpy" ever since i didn't marry my ex who was a CEO of a large company. Dad said that marrying him is what's best for me but I know he only wanted my ex's money. Snake snickered at me and went to the dinner table with dad and so did we.
"So y/n how's college?" mom asks trying to start a conversation. "Its great! namjoon helps me with my studies." I smile to him and he smiles back. "Ooh can he help me with my homework? I've been having trouble with it and with an intelligent and strong man like you it'd be waaay easier" snakes says while biting her lip. Mom sighs "I think namjoon has enough on his hands being an idol" snake rolls her eyes.

"Matter a'fact how's your music career going" mom says while I shove a spoon full of mash potatoes in my mouth. "Oh Its going fine we're preparing for our world tour-" "so you won't be with y/n during this tour?" Dad interrupts with his rough voice. "U-uh y-yea my manger won't l-let her come with U-us" namjoon stutters "so you won't be able to protect my daughter when she needs you?" dad says in a harsher tone.

Mom interrupts the conflict "sooo how about we just eat hm?" everyone nods. *2 mins later* "daddy can you pass the butter" I ask. Dad and Namjoon reach for the butter.


Dad gives Namjoon a confused glare. Namjoon quickly puts his hand under the table. "Oh sis I didn't know you were into that" snake smirks. My face goes a deep shade of red ( I can never relate to the blushing crap cuz I'm dark asf😂) "um Mom the dinner was great we're gonna go now!" I say quickly leaving with namjoon.

*At home*
"I can't believe you reached for the butter aaah I'm so embarrassed" I laugh dryly "sorry baby I'm so used to you yelling that when I'm deep in that-"before he could finish I tackle him on the bed, He puts his hands on my hips "well at least it's over.....for now until Christmas" i say and we both laugh.


I'm currently writing jungkook save me pt 2 for the ppl who asked 4 it :) and a jimin angst


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