Jungkook texts

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Jungkook: Y/N!

You: yes?

Jungkook: jimin won't stop touching me (not in that way ya pervs XD)

Jungkook: Yoongi won't get off my bed

Jungkook: hobi keeps singing wich is making me have a headache

Jungkook: Tae won't stop jumping on furniture

Jungkook: jin won't stop talking about how "grown up" I've gotten

Jungkook: and namjoon well....he's in the back watching....you know wat

You: and wat do u want me to to about it?

Jungkook: saaaave meeee (get it....)

You: remember when I had to stay at work late

Jungkook: yea?

You: and I asked you to come pick me up

Jungkook: yea?

You: and u said why don't you tell someone else to pick me up

Jungkook: yea......

You: I think u know where this is heading

Jungkook: heading for u to come get me?

You: I'll let u think about it

Jungkook: awe cmon y/n

Jungkook: y/n

Jungkook: y/n answer me plz!

Jungkook: I know you are reading my texts!

Jungkook: Y/N!!!!


Just bored.
Bye glowers~💙💙💙

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