Chapter 10: When Farkle met Charlie again

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He could feel her eyes burning through him, causing him to nod. ''Yeah, I know''

There was silence for a moment, before she spoke up. ''So, how's it been since you moved back to New York? I know it's only been a couple of weeks, but I bet it's been challenging''

''I grew up here. I don't know, I guess it finally feels like home'' Farkle let a small grin slip.

Jennifer's eyes widened. ''Really? I can't imagine its the city itself. Did you make up with your friends?''

''Yeah, I did'' he ran his fingers through his messy hair. ''Everything was cold and lonely at the beginning, but being around Riley and Maya and Auggie has made everything a lot better. I didn't think they'd ever forgive me for what I did''

''But they did, darling, because they love you'' she linked her arms around his. ''We all do things we regret, but things will always work out. Heaven knows you suffered through your share of difficulties too''

''I'm just glad I can see them again'' He felt his face become flustered, thinking back to an excited Riley the night before when he'd told her he was meeting his mother again. ''To see her again''

''Even through all these years, you still love her?'' Jennifer gave him a cheeky smile. ''I can't believe my baby's in love''

''I wouldn't go that far'' Farkle chuckled, staring down at the ground.

''Oh please, it's written all over your face'' Jennifer poked at his side. ''Once you finally get together, you better call me so I can start planning the wedding''

''mom,'' he whined.

''Alright, Alright, I'll stop'' She took a deep breath. ''How's your father been?''

''The usual'' Farkle shrugged, apologizing to a woman he'd bumped into.

''Has he come to visit you since you moved here?''

''No, he's been busy''

''Unbelievable,'' Jennifer groaned, stressed lines appearing on her forehead. ''I can't believe it. Stewart hasn't changed a bit, he's still the same workaholic as ever! He goes on about how he wants to make the world a better place and yet he doesn't even bother to check up on his own son! I should just go to his stupid company and go off on him!''

Farkle cleared his throat, causing her anger to fade. ''I'm sorry, sweetheart, i know you don't like it when we talk bad about each other''

''He's gotten worse since the divorce became final'' he murmured. ''I think he just misses you''

''You know I did what I could to save our marriage''

''Holding on wasn't good for any of us, I get it''

''I'm sorry you had to grow up so fast'' Jennifer hung onto him tighter. ''You saw some things a kid shouldn't have. I'm sorry we couldn't be as united as Cory and Topanga''

''What matters is that you're happy'' Farkle grinned. ''That's what's always mattered, right?''

She responded by placing a soft kiss on his head. Pulling him to the side, she nodded towards a small astronomy store in the corner of the street. ''Why don't we move past all the bad stuff and just distract ourselves for a little while? Then you can tell me all about your plans for college-''

''Or other stuff'' he smiled innocently at her, to which she snorted. ''Okay, let's go in''

''That's my boy'' she said proudly, as they walked through the door.

Farkle went home that day with the biggest smile on his face.

(Here's a visual of Jennifer and ''Baby Farkle'' just because)

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