Chapter 7: Oregon

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I'm so sorry that I took forever to update! I've had most of this chapter done for about two weeks but school had me like ugh. To make it up to you, here's a gif of Chat Noir being Chat Noir:

 To make it up to you, here's a gif of Chat Noir being Chat Noir:

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Here's the chapter !

The night sky was pitch black, with not a single cloud or star to be spotted among the cold and dry atmosphere. The loud steps of walking new Yorkers filled the streets, street lights illuminating the way through the crowded city, and the sound of car horns and ambulances echoed throughout.

Riley walked down the sidewalk, one arm linked to Maya's and the other hand deeply placed into her coat pocket. She shivered slightly, her first instinct being to cuddle closer to her best friend. ''Man, it's really gotten colder''

The blonde next to her snorted, her eyes glancing straight ahead. ''Yeah, it's freezing, even for the last days of October''

Her blue eyes suddenly lit up, turning to look at her. ''Wait, so are we still taking Auggie and Ava out trick- or- treating? Because there's this one costume I really want to try on''

''I don't know,'' Riley shrieked silently to herself, almost tripping on her own feet. ''I mean we haven't really had a chance to talk much, with me working late and everything. I hope so, though. Last year was fun, huh?''

She laughed, watching Maya nod violently. ''Crazy haunted house? Free candy? Scaring kids passing by? I practically live for Halloween''

''I know you do, Peaches'' Riley grabbed her phone from her pocket, staring down at the time to find that it was ten minutes till eight. ''How much longer until we get to the restaurant? They told us to meet them there at eight, right?''

''So you do care?'' Riley rolled her eyes, while Maya smirked. ''Don't worry, we're almost there. Nervous?''

''More like regretful'' she sighed. ''I should've listened to Charlie, and just stayed over at the café''

Riley thought back to only an hour earlier, in which she managed to tell Charlie about her and Maya meeting with the boys for dinner. At first he'd freaked out, yelling out what she told him in such a manner that all eyes had turned to look at him. After he'd calmed down, however, he had told her she was most likely making a mistake, but Riley had made a promise to Maya, and she wasn't one to break a promise.

Now, so close to meeting with practically three strangers she'd once known, she was beginning to regret her decision.

''don't say that'' Maya sent her a small reassuring smile, nudging her lightly on the side with her elbow. ''We're just going to get dinner, talk a little and pretend we're not freaking out on the inside''

Riley chuckled, shaking her head. ''See? You're laughing. It's just a quick dinner, Riles. Then, it's back to our adventurous lives as waitresses''

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