Chapter 6:promise

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So really quick i just want to thank all of you that are currently reading this story. From now on, i'll be using gossip girl gifs to symbolize the group. For example, Blair will be Riley, Serena is Maya, Nate is Farkle and so on (I know, I know, Chuck and Blair are endgame but Nate just looks too much like Farkle). Anyway, have a great day (:

Chapter 6

''What's got you down, pumpkin?'' Riley heard Maya asked, as she finished wiping down one of the tables. Maya stood there, hands on her hips as she examined her closely.

Riley smiled at her, shrugging her shoulders. ''What do you mean, peaches?''

''You're acting even sadder than usual,'' the blonde glared at her. ''Did someone do something to you?''

''No, nobody did anything'' she huffed, tucking a strand of her dark hair away from her eyes. ''Don't worry about me''

Grabbing the dirty dishes left behind, she groaned hearing Maya's footsteps behind her. Going to the back room and placing the dishes in the sink, she felt Maya's hands grip her shoulders the moment she turned around. ''Why are you sad?''

''I'm not!''

''I've known you for years now, you think I don't know you like the back of my hand?'' Maya held up her finger, showing their old friendship ring. ''Ring power''

''What? That's not fair'' Riley sighed, taking a few steps forward and leaning against the wall. Hiding her face into her hands for a few mere seconds, she looked back at an expecting Maya. ''Fine, Farkle came to visit me last night''

''Is that so?'' the blonde's lips pulled up into a smirk, to which Riley groaned. ''What did Farkle say?''

''He apologized for everything and told me that Zay and Lucas wanted to have dinner with us''

''And what did you say?''

''We have to go back to work-''

Maya rushed towards the doorframe, blocking it off with her body. Riley was getting irritated, but she also know Maya wouldn't let her be until she told her everything. ''Peaches, please-''

''All you have to do is tell me what you said, and you're free to go''

''I told him we couldn't turn back time and that it was better if we didn't try to patch up our broken friendship'' Riley felt a rush of gloom fall upon her shoulders, trying her best to distract herself with the tip of her ponytail. ''He asked me if that's what I wanted, I said yes, and then he was gone''

Maya didn't say anything, her lips pressed together and her eyes staring down at the ground. Riley didn't know if she was going to say anything, and she couldn't blame her if she couldn't, seeing as it sounded so much worse when she said it out loud.

Even with the sleeping pills she'd taken the night before, she'd still managed to stay up at the thought of it.

''We have to have dinner with them'' Maya spoke out, her head tilted up in confidence.

She felt her eyes widen, shaking her head. ''No, Maya. I don't want to talk to any of them ever again''

''Listen,'' Maya begun, ignoring a customer at the front of the register. ''You forgave Farkle, but you haven't forgiven Lucas and Zay and if you ever want to feel peace again, you have to forgive them. This will be a great opportunity to do it''

''Miss-'' the man continued to press.

Maya snapped her head over to him. ''Just a minute!''

''I don't know, Maya'' Riley murmured.

''If not for peace, then for me. I need this, Riles, and I can't do it without you'' She looked at her with her big, round blue eyes and pout she usually wore when she wanted something.

Riley knew she could never deny that face, so she let out a low sigh. ''Alright, fine, we'll go. But it's dinner and after that, I'm gone''

''Yeah, yeah'' Maya beamed, hugging her tightly. ''It'll be fine, you'll see''


''So when were you going to tell me you went to see Riley?'' Maya asked, sipping from her coffee cup and leaning casually against a brick wall.

Farkle, who'd been surprised to hear her sudden voice, stopped before he'd stepped into the apartment building. ''Why are you dressed like you're going undercover?''

Maya looked down at her black coat, dark blue jeans and combat boots, shrugging lightly. ''That wasn't the question''

''No it wasn't, but now I'm wondering how you know where I live'' he made his way towards her, his hands tucked into his jacket. He stopped only a foot away from her, he too leaning against the wall. ''And how'd you know I wasn't in my apartment already?''

''I called to ask your dad, and I knocked on your door a couple of times'' she took another sip of her coffee. ''Now you have to answer my question''

''I don't want to talk about it'' he huffed, running his fingers through his hair.

His eyes quickly turning to glimpse at her. ''She already told you what happened, huh?''

''Briefly.'' Maya replied, inching closer to him and bumping her shoulder with his. ''We didn't talk about it last time when you came to ask me to go to dinner with the guys, but we're going to talk about it now. Did you come back because of Riley?''

She was greeted with silence at first. ''I came back for all of you''

''But you came because you specifically wanted to see her again'' She chuckled, licking her dry lips and shivering slightly at the sudden cold breeze. ''don't think I forgot about what you told me the night before you left, Minkus''

Farkle stared down at his feet, taking a deep breath. ''I don't know what you're talking about''

''You know full well what I'm talking about'' she said, far too rapidly. ''You still love Riley, that's why you're here''

''Please, don't tell her'' his voice was so full of worry, Maya had to pretend that there wasn't slight guilt forming from taunting him.

''I haven't told her in the four years that you've been gone, what makes you think I'll do it now?'' she sighed, taking a few steps forward. ''I convinced her to go to dinner with you, Lucas and Zay. I need you to promise me something''

His eyes lit up, one that reminded her of her old dear friend. ''Anything''

''I need you to promise me you'll try your best to win her over''

''Wait, I'm sorry, what?'' Farkle shook his head, staring at her, stunned. ''Maya, Riley doesn't even want to look at me anymore''

''She's my best friend and I know her like the back of my hand, so believe me when I saw that she loves you too'' Maya smirked. ''She just doesn't know it yet''

''Maya, you're asking for the impossible''

''If I thought it was impossible, I wouldn't be here right now. Farkle, Riley's gone through a lot, and there's no doubt in my mind that she never stopped thinking about you through it all'' Maya walked closer to Farkle, and placed a hand on his shoulder. ''you're the only one who can make her go back to the happy Riley. Please, promise me you'll at least try''

''You're looking at the wrong person'' he mumbled, closing his eyes.

She gently punched his arm. ''I don't think so''

''I'll walk you home, okay?'' Farkle asked, nodding towards the sidewalk.

Maya huffed, raising an eyebrow. ''I'm not going anywhere until you promise me''

''Fine, I promise'' Maya nodded, as they both began to walk the familiar path back to her apartment in silence. She smiled, however, hearing him speak once again. ''I really did miss you, though''

She pulled him down, ruffling his hair with her fingers. ''I missed you too, kid''

And for a moment, for a blink of an eye, she could've sworn it was just like old times.

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