Chapter 10: When Farkle met Charlie again

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The smell of freshly baked goods was what most entised Farkle, as he waited outside the small Woodthorn Bakery in the early morning.

The scent was warm and welcoming, one that could make even the fullest man's stomach growl at hunger, but most importantly, it was awfully familiar. The aroma brought back memories of his childhood, one where his mother would bring him by whenever his parents weren't in the best of terms, and for second, he could've sworn he was a young kid again.

Sighing, watching his breath become noticeable in the dry air, Farkle continued to look around with his hands in his coat and feet impatiently moving. He knew he had arrived about ten minutes before they were set to meet, but even then the agony of waiting for her to arrive was too overwhelming.

Had she forgotten? Had something come up? Had she called him to tell him she couldn't make it? Taking out his phone and glancing down at the bright screen, he saw no new message from her, only fueling his anxiety.

''Farkle, darling, I thought I told you not to stare at that phone for too long'' he heard her voice call out just near enough. His head bounced up, a large smile invading his lips as he ran to embrace her. She giggled, her petite figure having to regain balance from his tight hug. ''Oh, my baby boy! I missed you so much!''

''Mom,'' he mumbled into her blonde hair. ''I was just making sure you'd be able to make it''

''You know that I would never miss a chance to see you'' she pulled away, cupping his face into her hands. Farkle could see her blue eyes tear up slightly even with a sweet grin on her face. ''Look at you, you look wonderful''

''Mom, you're stunning'' was all he could think to say, examining her closely. She wore an elegant red dress with black high heels and her long gray coat over it. Her blonde hair had grown almost reaching her waist, and overall, she looked bright and more cheerful. Farkle couldn't even compare her to the miserable and drained Jennifer she'd been back in Oregon three years before. ''I can't believe it''

''Oh, kiddo'' she smiled. Turning her head and staring up at the small brick building infront of them, he could see her expression change into one of sorrow. ''We haven't been here in a while, have we?'' Her joyfulness returned as she looked back at him. ''Want to go in and buy something? I know you always liked this place''

''That's okay, I ate a heavy breakfast'' he lied. ''Can we walk around for a little?''

''Anything you want to do, sweetheart''

Starting to walk down the almost empty streets (because 7 am in New York was a little too early for some people), Farkle couldn't help but smile just knowing she was standing right next to him. Sure, he'd seen her six months ago and they often talked on the phone, but it was different actually having her there.

''How's Daniel doing?''

''He's great, he's still the same goofy guy as ever'' Seeing her smile, he could tell how happy she was because of her boyfriend. ''I swear, every day is always an adventure even when we aren't traveling''

''Have you gotten tired?'' He stared at their surroundings. ''I mean you're always up and running to different places. Don't you miss being in one place for a while?''

His mom sighed. ''We've thought about it, but I don't think I can sit around again. I just feel like it's my time to live a little''

''Was having me not living?''

He couldn't believe the statement had even left his mouth, and now he regretted it. ''Sweetheart, you are my entire life. I know I wasn't the mother I should've been, but I tried to give you everything I had''

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